Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A Sweater in a Day!

I started this yesterday morning and almost managed to finish it in one day.
I will seam up the sleeves and sides and add ribbing by hand  to the neck!
Today will see the big finish.
The only problems I encountered this time were the many knots in this cake of yarn-5!
Which really makes a snarl while knitting by machine-fixable, 
but a halt to production for a bit to do so!


  1. How wonderful to create a sweater so quickly!

  2. One day?! That's incredible! The yarn colors are really pretty!

  3. Yay for finishes, boo for knots! I have encountered 2 in the last few knits.

  4. Hate knots, but what fun to do a sweater in a day.

  5. In a day!!!!! Un real. Love the colors. Dont like those knots . What kind of yarn?

  6. At this stage, it looks like it could be a cat sweater...but I guess none of your cats would appreciate it!


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