Saturday, January 12, 2019

To Work!

I applied the new ribbing techniques on the knitting machine and am making an AG doll hoodie.
I need to make the hood yet but this Saturday is interrupted with a funeral.
Am I, a friend's dad died.  I had the privilege of Skyping with my parents yesterday.  They were getting a snowstorm and I wanted to be able to see them;  since they won't be coming down this winter like they usually do (getting older complicates everything, you know!)
so we had a lesson on how to download the Skype app on a Kindle and sign in-my Mom is amazing at doing the new technological challenges!
So anyway, after a quiet morning of piecing a few blocks and knitting on the doll cardigan,
I will go and sit quietly and be very grateful.


  1. Getting old does complicate things that's for sure. I wish your mom lived closer. I fought with my printer all night and lost. Maybe she could have figured out why it won't recognize my WIFI password anymore. Lol....

  2. I'm virtually sitting with you, and happy you have a good relationship with your parents.

  3. Life sometimes reminds us of what's important. I'm glad you are able to connect with your parents via Skype - technology is wonderful.

  4. Glad you got the opportunity to "see" your parents. Are you sure that's going to be a hoodie? Looks like a puzzle to me!!


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