Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Taking an OnLine Class

I signed up for a knit-a-long class to learn how to better use my double bed knitting machine.
It is a live class for one hour each week 
with homework and exercises to familiarize us in particular
with the ribbing choices on our machines.
I have mostly played around with the single bed LK150 machine which is very user friendly.
I am ready to increase my skills!
Here is the front and back side of two samples of single Fisherman's rib. 
 (It knits each stitch on the public side and slips the purl or 'rib' on the private side.)
I wish you could feel how squishy this sample is without being dense at all!

The practical use for this will be for knitting the Dickey on the machine 
which will have this Fisherman's rib for the body
 and simple 1 x 1 ribbing for the turtleneck!

Here's to putting up the
sign while class is in session!


  1. The samples look lovely (and squishy!!).

  2. That sounds like so much a prefect world. I'd have to go to a hotel for the night in order to get enough uninterrupted time. I bought several Craftsy classes and they are just sitting there unused.
    Love the sample. That would be a great sweater.

  3. It's always fun to learn something new!

  4. Taking online classes is a great idea for learning the working of the new machine. The samples look perfect.

  5. that ribbing looks good! I inherited a very old "double bed" machine years ago, tried it once, to complicated (no online classes at the time:) - and I found out that I don't really like machine knitting... the thing has been in a corner of my room for about 20 years now and I cannot bring myself to clean and use it. I think I'll stay with the knitting needles....

  6. You can definitely tell the squish from the photo! As to the DND sign, does it work for you? Cause I am thinking the dogs just wouldn't get it here.


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