Thursday, January 10, 2019

Student at Work!

 Two samples accomplished!
I know that I am an instruction manual reader but when something is so diverse from anything else you've ever done, it is hard to make sense of so much of it!
Having someone break down the steps and then have you practice it-
this is so good for me on every level!
I want to keep good notes and good records of my samples!
And in my spare time, I was able to make two more blocks.
When I put them up on the design wall, I noticed a problem with the block on the bottom left corner!
It's a good thing I saved my mistake for this medium and not on the new frontier!!!


  1. Oops, that’s definitely one that doesn’t hide well! Lol. Wait, does the top left corner have the same thing?! Never boring! 😁 Those are fun colors.

  2. I was going to say the same - but maybe it's not a mistake, it's part of the design???? if you make a few others like that it doesn't stand out anymore - looks like it has to be like that?

  3. You must be feeling better. That's a lot of challenges you are up to!

  4. Wow you are really utilizing your time! Sewing between assignments as well?!?


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