Sunday, January 6, 2019


 I received this lesson book with patterns for Christmas and with the early morning uprightness,
I decided to try an easy pattern with my handspun cotton.
 It is a tuck stitch pattern and I could see right away I needed to make some adjustments for the
thicker than normal cotton yarn.  The knit side of the pattern for tuck stitch is the wrong side but it still has some interesting texture.
 The purl side is where the little 'blackberries' can be seen.
Though I did have some problem remembering which stitches to pull out for the alternating pattern.
I think I need flash cards to remember if it is ONE or TWO needles in to begin the row!
(talk about short term memory problems!)
Doesn't it look pretty posing with Araignee's soap!
But mistakes and all, I learned to do the pattern,
make adjustments for a different yarn
and to know when it is time to crawl back under the blankets....


  1. It's a lovely cloth! The book was a perfect gift for you.

  2. Cute! and cloths are the perfect way to practice new stitches!

  3. Wow1 When I'm sick I just bury my head under the covers! Great work!

  4. So sorry you are under the weather! Take time to heal. I like the "wrong" side. LOL. How exciting to have new discoveries to be made in your knitting journey.

  5. soap does look pretty with your pretty new cloths!
    Hope you are feeling better. Strep is so miserable. Poor Daughter had it all the time until she had her tonsils out at 21 which was pretty terrible too.


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