Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Building Snowmen!

And then there were two!  
My sense of symmetry needed a PAIR of pillows!
 The Swedish Lines  shawl is going well--I did mess up the first colored stripe 
but I am going to learn from my mistakes and just keep knitting!
Look what we saw today--it flew much faster than we expected so I almost missed the picture!
 And looking down, some lovely morning glories;
these used to grow at the base of the cedar tree that was removed last summer and even when the soil was moved around and smoothed out, it still managed to bloom where it now found itself.
I like that thought......


  1. Those pillows are adorable! I could use some snow. Usually when I put my snowmen out in January they bring me luck. It was 60 yesterday!

  2. The shawl is going to be lovely. My motivation to knit has fallen through the cracks of my life, but I hope it surfaces soon. Love the matching pillows and happy snowmen.

  3. Those snowmen are just so cute!!!

  4. Ah - I love those morning glories. It will be months before anything blooms here. But soon, my garden catalogues should arrive, and I can dream of flowers!

  5. Twice as adorable! They are so cute.

  6. Oh I love the pillows! I'm glad there are two!


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