Monday, January 7, 2019

First in Line

I had to put the Sand Cardigan in time-out.
Sadly, there is not enough yarn to finish it.  
One skein knits about 4" and I will need both to finish the body 
leaves both sleeves at shoulder level where they were placed on stitch holders!
The back-up yarn is a different color-one is burnt orange, the other a very pale yellow;
neither will do the job.
Now I have to think if I want to knit this again with a different yarn or toss the whole pile.

So I am knitting on the Swedish Lines shawl.  
A relaxing , entertaining knit with enough yarn to finish the job.
Just what I need right now.


  1. That shawl is lovely - what yarn are you using? Sorry about the sand cardigan....

  2. Yarn chicken is no fun. The shawl looks fun though. Hope you're feeling better.

  3. that's so annoying - a kick into your knitting mojo:( I hope you'll find a good solution - to avoid frogging it all! I still have to dig out the owl feathers to frog and re-knit... hope you're feeling better - happy knitting:)

  4. Dang - I hope you find a solution for the Sand Cardigan. The shawl is looking fabulous.

  5. Well, the Sand Cardigan situation sounds a bit frustrating, but glad you could pivot into the great shawl.

  6. That's frustrating. As least you have another project to keep your hands busy while you contemplate!

  7. Ah shoot! Sorry the cardi will not be in the lovely yarn. Hope you find an alternative and start again.

  8. Well, darn it. That would have been a lovely shawl if bigger.


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