Tuesday, January 1, 2019

See the Birds?

 I received a pretty bird panel for Christmas
and some matching bird egg fabric I used for the border!
 I had to piece some strips into the backing fabric so it will be long enough to use.
So now I will load the up onto the frame and be able to make my first quilt of the year!

Happy New Year to all of us! 
 It is a clean slate;  
make the changes that will clear the way for good both personally and collectively in your life!


  1. How lovely - looking at the birds through window panes.

  2. So are you going for a quilt a day? :-)

  3. Beautiful! You made that one up very quickly. The egg fabric makes a perfect border.

  4. How delightful! Such a cute top. And your snowman pillow, A-DOR-A-BLE!!!

  5. Oh, hooray! This was a fun way to share our mutual love of birds!


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