Thursday, November 11, 2021


Here is the beauty shot of the finished grapefruit bowl.  
It is 11 1/2" wide and 5 1/2" high.
The bowl is very lightweight considering its size; 
 perhaps due to the dried out state of this wood?
I was on a roll at the lathe and didn't feel like walking away
 so I started another bowl
and it almost made itself!  This Wood is from my son who saw someone cutting down a Fringe Tree and thought I would like a piece or two!  Since the Fringe Tree is in the Olive family, 
this wood looks very much like olive wood!
I turned this piece to mimic the shape of pottery. 
 It is 8" wide and 4 1/2" tall. 
 I'm glad I have another piece of this kind of wood to work!
I also did a bit more of the watercolor cards...I'm catching up  on the one a day schedule as #9 and #10 are partially done.  
And this is why I spent most of the day at my lathe....
Bill is having a yard sale of spectacular size.
He is emptying his collection of shed's (yes, plural) contents
and will sell this Fri/Sat and next week, too. 

This was my view from my side of the garage where the lathe is;  I could admire what Bill was doing 
and enjoy viewing all he was re-discovering!


  1. Wow, that is impressive — way to go, Dad!!! Hope the sale goes great! The bowls are absolutely beautiful! It is so neat how every single piece of wood has its own beauty and mystery just waiting to show itself. I have one request on your Christmas paintings (which are SO fun, by the way): I would love to see you do one that is a “Florida (or southern) Christmas” — a palm tree with lights, or a berried holly in a sunny setting, or something like that! Christmas scenes are almost always snowy — and you know I absolutely love them! — but as a southern girl, I always find it delightful to see a pretty southern-Christmas scene! :)

  2. Bravo to Bill for getting rid of "stuff!" The bowls are gorgeous. I had not heard of a Fringe Tree perviously. Interesting that it is in the Olive family.

  3. The bowls and the cards are lovely!
    Yikes for that yard sale. That is just why I never let The Mister put a garage on the house. His shed is bad enough. For someone who never shops I have to wonder where all that junk comes from.

  4. It’s satisfying to sell unwanted or unneeded items. I hope Bill’s sale is successful. Love the bowls and the cards. I agree with your daughter, I’d love to see some Florida Christmas images.

  5. I love your finished bowl. A lot. But the pottery turned one is wonderful. Every single bowl is so different with the colors and grain of the wood. It's a mystery isn't it, until you start turning?
    Good for Bill selling off things that aren't needed. We've been getting rid of some things on FB marketplace. It's amazing that what is junk to us is treasure to someone else. Even old toilets!

  6. The "olive" wood bowl is beautiful. I love the color of that wood.

    The citrus bowl almost looks like cork. Very pretty.


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