Tuesday, November 23, 2021


We have a cute little 2" toad that lives in front of the garage. 
 I enjoy seeing him every evening.
We took a little walk in the woods and were very pleased to see the Indian Pipe is back again this Fall 
but has quadrupled its spread!
Most of the mushrooms are pale white
 but a few have a pretty pink tinge.
Some even have a few specks of black. 
 A very interesting plant!
Look at the little log that is sitting on the trail--
it is a fully intact bark exterior ...
but the wood has completely rotted away!  
A fun little tube now!
This mushroom is a very pink variety 
we see every once in a while...
it is easier to spot when it grows all by itself in a bare patch!
Knitting has been happening!  The sock is really shaping up!


  1. Fun pictures. Cute little toad and the mushrooms are interesting. But the colors in the sock are great!!

  2. What a cute little fella! We've had an explosion of mushrooms here in the past few months. I guess all that summer humidity and the cooler temps have caused it. When we are raking we are finding them all over the place and they are very beautiful.

  3. The striping sequence you’ve selected for the sock looks fabulous!

  4. You found some fun things on your walk. And a resident toad! I used to have toads when I was a little girl.
    That stripy sock is so cool. Love that sequence you chose.
    Blessings and hugs,


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