Thursday, May 5, 2016

Speciall Days

Next pair of socks on the needles;  same Cascade Cherub yarn in a different colorway.  I am working these with a strip of zigzagular patterning up the side of the foot. 
For several years, we talked about stripping the wallpaper from Abigail's room but we got sidetracked each time with a different 'big' project.  This year we did it!  David helped move furniture and took turns operating the steam pan to help remove that wallpaper!  Abigail wants blue walls, new curtains in white for a French cottage look in her room.  We can't get to the painting this visit but she is closer to the goal! 
The walls were green for the first few years of being here, then purple for Abigail a few years later.  The wallpaper was just the bottom half of the wall.  The room was put back in order in time for crockpot dinner and a bit of a birthday celebration. 
Then we headed out for church. 
After church, there was a surprise cake and refreshments!  It is wonderful to know God has provide my daughter with an incredible family and church family, too! 
Happy Birthday, dear daughter!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Some Knitting in Georgia

I cleaned out my daughter's socks and tossed the ones with holes in the heels.  She can't bring herself to do this but I am ruthless.  Toss them and let me make some new ones!  She always wears through at the bottom of the heel.  It has to be something in her anatomy because no matter what yarn or what size needle I knit with, she develops the hole in the same spot.  So, I get to knit often for her-it works for me!
Today is her appropriate to shower her with socks...the next pair is already on the needles!

STATS:  The yarn is Cascade Cherub DK which is an acrylic/nylon blend.  It feels like soft cotton.
  I knit toe-up, cast on 12 sts with Judy's magic cast on, increase to 56 stitches and then do something fun up the side of the foot.

She bought this yarn at a LYS closing last year and has been saving it for a pair of socks-just call me the sock fairy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Slow Days in Georgia

The flip-flop/yoga sock are completed.  The heel being absent keeps the rest of the sock in position better than the pair I knit without the toes only.  These are very comfortable and even for sleeping because they are not too warm!  I will be using more leftover sock yarn for additional pairs! 
David and I built a 'whack-a-mole' shoebox to play with the cats;  we glued a mousie on the end of a pencil to poke through the hole.  It was fun! 
Felix, their manx cat, is such a sweet boy.  He likes to visit with the goldfish several times a day.
This is on the end table by my recliner so I enjoy the show! 
The clematis is in bloom!   Why don't  I have one of these plants?  I think I will be adding one to a beautiful bamboo trellis when I get home!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Meme

This mural is a commemoration of the Senator B. C. Pearce who was instrumental in the agricultural assistance to area farmers with the two most important crops of cabbage and potatoes.
It is found on St Johns Ave between 10th and 11th streets.
I finished knitting another Baby Surprise Jacket.
Because it is a wonderful, fast knit that you can do while watching tv, talking with kids and in general zoning out.  Perfect .  And almost as good as a sock.   
I knit this right to the very end.  I left enough to do the buttons the way I like to and then I remembered I need yarn to seam the top edge.  I need to get creative now.   I am still thinking about that.....

Sunday, May 1, 2016

It's May Day!

Today is our 40th wedding anniversary!
I am in Georgia with Marsel and family
and Bill is holding the fort at home.
So we will celebrate all year for hitting such a milestone!
By God's grace and mercy, we are still learning how to be the partners in His service.
But the roles are much more precious to us than ever before...s

Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's in the Blood!

Here is a cherished photograph of my Great Great Great Great Great Aunt Louisa Cornwell. 
 (Though my great grandparents changed the spelling to Cornwall.)
She was born in June 14, 1815.  This picture was taken around 1900, 
13 years before her death on December 10 1913.
She is holding her knitted lace in the basket on her lap.  
She used 0000 needles and 50 wt. thread to knit miles of lace.
She also smoked a pipe and talked politics with the men, scandalous for her day.
Except for the pipe, I would've joined right along with the conversation while knitting, too! 
I even have some of her lace;  it is fragile now and almost crispy.  I keep it tucked away but just might put it behind glass and display it.  It is a treasure for sure.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit

This is the pot of Gulf Native Sheep wool, soaking in water with alum for a mordant. 
This is the wool with the fermented but strained fruit juice.
(I have set the jar in the pool area to get the sun and heat up but not too hot!)
The color is really this bright fuschia!
I set the pan of roving with a lid in the sun for several hours. 
After I poured off the excess water/dye mixture, the wool looks like this.  A but more blue violet or violet blue! 
Next came a very good rinse followed with a long soak in warm water with citrus acid to help set the color.   The  roving is spun out in my washer and then hung in the bathroom to finish drying!
I can't wait to spin it but I am going to wait until the TDF this July.  I am building up my stash for the big spin!  This was a great experiment and worth the work to see such a great color!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Can You Say , "Hard Work?"

It's funny to look at the pictures and see the kids always in water!  We really did walk, ride and enjoy all the yard , too, but when outside we do a lot of chasing not picture taking!  Ethan liked the bath better than the pool.  It was loud and splashy with all the gang in there!
See, Abigail is here.  In fact, after everyone gets out of the pool, she enjoys her alone time in the pool for girls only swim! 
The last night together night swim!
Grandma and Marsel joined them earlier but someone has to take the pictures! 
And the bottom sock is the one I had made before company....the upper sock is supposed to match the lower one.  I shouldn't have tried to force my exhausted brain to knit in the evening.  I will rip it out on the car ride to Georgia tomorrow after we drop off the boys to their own home.
What a wonderful, hard, blessed week it has been!
(Next time you see a young mom with a couple of young children, give her some encouragement!  This is hard work to raise up healthy, happy and polite young people!)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mural Monday

I was inspired by a recent post on Dee's blog, Meanwhile in Florida , when she talked about murals.
There are many in the towns near me so I would like to highlight one each Monday for a while!
This one is just south of me in Crescent City.
It is painted on the old city hall/police and firehouse by local artist Richard Cooney just May of last year.  

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Happy Interruptions

While I was waiting for my carload of family to arrive, I sewed this top for me.  It felt good to sew clothes again.  I go for quite a while without doing this!  Finally, 
Thursday afternoon Marsel and David and Abigail and Will and Ethan arrived to stay for 6 days! 
Will and Ethan's parents are in Hawaii because Matthew made the top echelon of salesman again this year! Marsel, my daughter, and children come down to help watch the boys while they are gone!
 Here is Ethan playing in the little seat.  He is such a sweet little guy at just shy of 4 months. 
He even enjoyed a bit of a dip in the pool! 
Big brother, Will is a fish;  he goes in after lunch and comes out in time to eat dinner!
Oldest grandchild, David, enjoys the scuba life-- 
He sure is a great kid who just turned 14!  Abigail is here but I didn't catch her yet...stay tuned.  I have only touched my knitting for a few will wait for me!
It's a great and crazy time!