Tuesday, August 21, 2018

About Time to Clean it Up!

 Mondays are again an abrupt shock to our systems.
They were a nice way to start the week for a few years but now that a school year has begun, 
I remember how they do not fit with the rhythm of a human body in any way!
Last week I said I was going to finish the birdbath once and for all! 
What a good way to make something good come out of the day.
 I am ashamed at how long I have let this take up the  front porch! 
 But I worked the grout in and around and sponged it throughout the afternoon!
  Now to let it dry, seal it and touch up some paint and get it out front in the garden!!!!
 I have just three more little stars to make for the border!
I could've started piecing the center of the quilt but this required less thought!
Today, I went with the easier route!
I used up two little balls of the Scrubby yarn to try and reduce the size of the dishcloth on the knitting machine-this one is 9" x 9" which is much better than the 11" one but I still like them 8" square!
  A little more tweaking and I will have it! 

 Today, I hope to find an hour to try a new kind of stitch 
which will result in color work on the front! 
 It seems like an ambitious idea for this kind of yarn but it is only a 4 row repeat
 and not really that difficult!
  I am hoping for success right out of the gate!!!
What did we do without YouTube?!?!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Scrub a Dub Dub

I played for an hour this afternoon, using up the partial skein of Cotton Scrubby.
It is a stocking knit dishcloth with a bit of single crochet around the edge to stop the curl.
It worked fine on the knitting machine but it is too large-I like 7-8" for a dishcloth.
I already have another one on the machine!
I am going to make a dent in all the skein scraps around here!
Here's to a new week!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

A Harvest is In!

 I now have a collection of pumpkings!  Tfhe skein of  Red Heart yarn yielded three-nice!
 I even branched out on the machine and tried a different kind of shaping
 for the bottom of one of the pumpkins-just because.
 And the last little bit of the yarn was used to make a little baby's pumpkin topper!
I also used up the last of the Caron yarn for a rolled brim hat and an extra pom-pom.
All the yarn I bought is used up and now for some more yarn
 for some ribbed brim hats to continue to add to the donation pile!
 The day was also spent with somo piecing going on!
All of the components are made but now I have to move them around to see which goes where.
This is where I love to use the camera to really SEE how it looks.  
Then I will do some more piecing to sew this unit together!
And the fun isn't over-I still have the borders to do! 
 I'm glad;  this has been a very interesting and enjoyable project!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

And She Hand Knits 2

I cast on the Malaga Tank and enjoyed knitting an inch before falling asleep a few nights ago.
the next night when I was ready to knit another inch...
I was having trouble smoothing out the 2" under the needle.
then I realized I had made a very rookie mistake
of twisting my join for the tank and I had to rip it all out.
then I knit the same inch over and tried to catch up the second inch!
I have had a half an hour each afternoon this week to knit
while I sit in the car in line waiting for school to get out
to pick up BoyWonder.
I have 10" now under the needle and am ready to start to increase the shaping
stitches back to the full amount again.
I wasn't happy with my SSK stitches in the very smooth yarn
and now that I have worked my last decreases,
I have found 
(probably the right way to do it and I have done it wrong all these years)
but it looks good and I feel good about that.
I am not going to rip back to correct the other decreases!
I keep thinking how much quicker this would knit on the machine
but I am enjoying just knitting round and round
since this first week of school has used up a lot of brain cells.
this is a good knit project for me for now!

Friday, August 17, 2018

It Takes Time

My bottle brush tree languished for a few years.  
It didn't like where we planted it after it outgrew its pot in the pool area.
Half of the branches had to be trimmed off and it didn't look good-
we wondered  if we should even try to replant.
Last year we moved it to the hedge just to the south end of our porch;
it has been sheltered from the frosts of our winter 
and hidden from the intense afternoon sun
as it grows and recovers under the podocarpus  trees.
The amazing amount of rainfall we have had in the last year
 certainly played a big part in the tree regaining its bloom.
The butterflies pay homage to this magnificent blossom;
I will try to photo one when landed on this 6" beauty!

I hope we all find our perfect spot where we will bloom to our fullest!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

And the Knit Goes On.......

 Two more hats-these are children's sizes with a shorter crown
 so you don't have to turn up the hem  on these!
 And then I cast on another kind of project;  a pumpkin!
 It was supposed to be this side out but the ribs I worked so hard to make 
didn't show up on the tight fabric!
 So I turned it inside out and now it has ribs!
 I knit a stem on the Embellish-Knit ;  how fitting for use on a completely machine knit pumpkin!
And here we have the completed pumpkin-the first of a family of gourds!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wee Hour Hats

 What do you do when you wake up after several hours of sleep and you are done?!
 Make hats!  
These are the end of a skein of Regia sock yarn;  two more newborn hats completed!
Look how different the backs look!
Talk about pooling!
When I advance a bit, I will be able to knit the hats in the round and I think this will be avoided.
Or at least it won't be so obvious at the back seam.
Work for another day.......er, night!

About Time to Clean it Up!

 Mondays are again an abrupt shock to our systems. They were a nice way to start the week for a few years but now that a school year ha...