Thursday, January 18, 2018

It Looks Like This

 This is what 25*F looks like outside
and this is what it looks like inside!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mitts 'n Strokes

 Another pair of the Tough & Toasty mitts off the needles
-these use such a small amount of sock yarn,
 that they fit the scrap sock yarn category for projects! lol
 While the boys tore around enjoying the bit of sunshine warmth the afternoon brought us,
I put the foreground sea oats into my painting.
 I had taken this picture while squatting down in front of the dunes before the beach. and knew someday I was going to paint it!
That day has come!

(Just in time, too, because my art teacher wants me to put this one in the gallery show this Friday.
It's up to me to list it for sale or not-that was an easy call for the watercolor paintings,
 except for a few of them, in particular , the architectural ones.
I could always do a series and paint this one again, right?
But my first painting?!!!!
That might be tough to part with.)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

No Shirring!

I'm clipping right along on the second time around front
for the vest.
The garter center band lays nice and flat now;
it is even with the stockinette neighbors of both sides of the garment.
I think it's what our country needs right now-
just the right amount of regular short rows!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Uninvited Guest

 Jack Frost needs a new home!  His visits here are no longer welcome!
 The vest front drew in too much along the garter front 'band' and so I ripped it all out.
When a friend saw the knitting, she said she loved the shirring along the middle. 
It's not supposed to be shirring, said I.  Well, maybe it will block out?
No, it's acrylic-it will look just as it does now....
It is a nice knit and now I can do it all again!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Art Class Delights!

 This is my first foray into was a wonderful time at class with my daughter-in-law!
I painted this from a photo I took 3 years ago.  I have the grasses and sea oats to paint in the foreground but I wanted to practice those thin strokes on paper first!
Cassandra painted this amazing scene in class and did just a few adjustments when she got home!
I loved the new medium and will look forward to lots of art time this year!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hi, Ho, It's Off to Art Class ....

 I go to spread my wings and learn how to paint in acrylics! 
 I have a pile of supplies (probably too much but I don't want to be missing anything I might need!)
My daughter-in-law, Cassandra, is going with me.
The kids won't miss me a bit because they are well into cousin fun!
 This old art case is a recent gift and I couldn't wait to clean it up just a bit to take it today!
I will have to do a bit more sanding to get rid of the old duct tape residue but it will come along fine.
There is room for paints and brushes and so much more!
Here's to a fine day for using the 'other' side of my brain!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Yellow Face

 My other orchid is blooming, too! 
  How wonderful to have some flowers in the house! 
 And as you see, there will be more soon!
This was Lena last night as I sat down to read Will a story book before bed; 
 she cuddled in to my armpit and hung right on to my arm!
  I think she is missing the snuggle time. 
Will snuggled in the other side and Lena stayed so she is adjusting to the new home routine, too!
(Note I am wearing the green sweater I knit recently!)

It Looks Like This

 This is what 25*F looks like outside and this is what it looks like inside!