Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We Interrupt this Life....

Will is in the house! 
He needed a place of refuge.
We found a swallowtail butterfly. 
He's prettier on the under side!  He has died so we could really check him out on our walk.
Will likes golf cart rides, tractor rides and walks. 
I'm just one step ahead of him!  But he fell asleep while I was making dinner tonight!
This is hard work.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Mural #4

Cattle....still one of the largest agricultural enterprises in this county.
We have more cattle than orange groves here.
A good knit with lots of possibilities with color variations.
I wanted the sunflower first but I see several more of these dishcloths in my near future!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Good Results all Around

I'm much happier with the results of this garter stitch hat for a baby!  The depth is better with this one, I think.  I will know for sure when I try it on my grandson! 
I did a little sewing today, long enough to put together the book panel I bought at the quilt shop a month ago. 
It went together pretty easily, I interfaced each 'page' and then sewed the units together and then layered them and sewed through the center twice to make a nice binding. 
I did get my page order a bit confused at first, it took me a bit of time to get the layout right!  
I will be sending this along to Mila for her first birthday.   She is still in the 'put everything in your mouth' stage!  This will be a good wash and dry book for her!
Our son, Matthew, had a last minute cancellation in his work foursome for a golf tournament.  He called and invited Bill to come and fill the position and hurry-the game started in an hour!  Not only did he make it in time (a thunderstorm delayed it long enough for him to arrive!)  he played well and his foot held up for the whole game-his first since surgery in March!  And they won!  I am so grateful Bill and the boys...I mean our grown sons, enjoy each other's company! 
I spent most of the day in the recliner....I reorganized my knitting bag and put all the needles, etc in the new tote and then I had to knit a pair of socks to cleans the palate!  This pair will be for Abigail so she will have a pair to match her mom's.
I love to knit and socks are the best!

Friday, May 20, 2016

More Surprises!

I finished the hat for this little surprise sweater for Ethan.
It looks like a jester hat! 
I'm thinking it might be too big. 
I tried it on my model.  This doll is close to a two month old and he is now almost 5 months old so maybe it's not too big! 
I wanted the hat to be in garter like the sweater but I've never made one before.
I knit fitted hats-you know, rib and stockinette stitche. 
This one is cute.  I will have to wait and try it on him to see what I have! 
In the yard, the yucca (Spanish Sword) has bloomed! 
It is an amazing jumble of blooms! 
The finishing touches went on the sixth BSJ I've made these last few months.  It is a smaller size and so soft!  When I get the bugs worked out of a hat to match, I will be making one for each of the sweaters, too. 
This is the beginning of hat designed in garter stitch.  I knit a band of garter over 10 stitches and grafted the ends and picked up the 70 stitches along one edge to knit the crown of the hat.  I will see if I like the fit of this one better!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Little Renovation Required!

I was gifted this little crafter's tote from my cousin.  She takes classes at her LQS and when she went for her ta-da moment, she realized she had sewn this upside down. 
I had to take the binding off each side...all four miles of binding with little stitches.
Then I sewed it all back together and guess what?!  I sewed it all wrong.  I almost quit.
But the other side was apart, too, so I stuck with it and I am so glad I did!
What's a few hours of my time.  I'm retired! 
The inside has room for gadgets and knitting needles, 
And see through areas so you can see what is where. 
The whole middle section can be removed so it can store a project for on the go!
  It will conveniently hold quite a large portion of my knitting supplies.
                         Now that it is right side up, I can see it going on my next trip or car ride!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Digging Through

There is something to be said for trying a little of everything through the years... 
Marsel brought me a bolt of this heavy woven fabric.  I knew it would make great rugs but I would need to bind it.  I dove into the old woolen rugs bin and I found the rug binding!  It worked very easily to bind it and get it in place!  I made two rugs and still have enough fabric to make some more cool things!
I added the extra borders to this little clamshell top so I could square it up.   Once I finished the top it wasn't square-each side was its own measurement!  Not good.   Too many bias sides, I figured.  The best way to hide the discrepancies is to extend the border and then when you square it up, the slight variation won't show!  Nice fix.   Now I am ready to add some color! 
I ran into a problem with this hexagon quilt...I ran out of the sage green triangle fabric!  I was so sure I had counted them out and had it down to the exact number.  I was wrong!  I am not sure what will happen now.  If I had realize I wasn't going to have enough, I would have blended the odd ones throughout the quilt, now they will all fall at the last row and a half.  Not good.  I will bench it until I can go to JoAnns Fabric to see what is available.

Monday, May 16, 2016

May's Monday Mural #3

A memorial to the man who worked to acquire statehood for Florida.
And the magnolias are just in bloom here so a fitting addition!
Palatka, Florida. 
The Peacock flock cruising the streets of Crescent City , Florida!  I have seen one or two at a time but this was the first time I could get close enough to see a big flock of them! 
I decided to try out a set of the short needle circulars from KnitPicks so it is easier to make small hats, for example.  This baby hat will match the Baby Surprise Jacket I knit a while ago even if the camera completely read the colors wrong.  lol  The needles sure speed things up but I don't think I could bear to use the super short sock ones (8") some knitters are using.  I do like zipping around with my knit and purl rows to get the garter in the round!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Finishing Up the Weekend

I dug through the stash to find the May color of green for the RSC2016.
These are small flying geese arranged in three 6" blocks.
I need to make 6 more for a total of 9 blocks by the end of the month.
The month looks very open in its schedule compared to the first few months of the year!

I seamed up and buttoned the first BSJ I made in Georgia.  I didn't think I had enough yarn to seam it up and sew on the buttons but I did!  Why didn't I try to finish it there?! 
I finished this on the way home but I put buttons on it today also.  Nice to add them to the done pile.
I think I will find a children's shelter to donate all the sweaters.  
I have another half finished on the needles now.  No, I am not done making these.
The turquoise one will fit a 1 year old, the yellow/green and the orange one will fit a 6 month old.
The pattern stays the same, the stitch count I mean, but the size of the yarn and needles result in the variation of the sweater sizes!  Really a genius pattern.

Friday, May 13, 2016


I finished the next baby surprise jacket...in Cascade Cherub DK.  It is so soft and light knit on the number 5 needles. 
What a welcome home!  No rain or terrible traffic on the 8 hour trip home but a sprinkle and a rainbow when we finished carrying in all the luggage!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A First!

There are few things I can say I haven't done that I want to still.  Today was a surprise gift from Matthew because we took care of his boys while he was in Hawaii.
I have gone my whole life without a massage professionally.  Today, I was spoiled with a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic massage !  I was sure the hour would be too long and that I would get bored.  I was wrong.  I had stress in my shoulders I didn't realize I had.  I have had kinks removed and my whole body is smiling!
What a great experience!
You are never too old to try something new!