Monday, November 23, 2015

It's Over!

These last two weeks almost beat me.  The new medicine was making me a zombie.  Really.
I have read about how people feel on Lithium, I have a better understanding.
Today, after cancelling everything from my schedule for the last 5 days, I awoke a thinking human being.  You are used to feeling and functioning, but to me it was a miracle!  
 I sewed the binding on the tutti frutti #1 quilt.  That was all for the day.
I machine sew the binding as hand sewing is history! 
I would sew one row and then the next and sew them together-that was it for the day.
Really, it was that limited.  I slept away the last week. 
I got one bobbin filled with Masham wool.  It was another way to sooth my creative part of my brain that I knew was in there somewhere! 
Bill brought me a treat-I love these 'snowballs' and eat one and save the other for the next day.  Such a gift of love! 
And today, I sewed the rest of the blocks together and added the borders!  It was wonderful to work for more than 1/2 an hour!
I am smiling again!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Oh, Boy....

Last week, it seemed like a great idea to change my medicine.
The actuality is a bit different.
I am walking around like a zombie.  I have to wean from the old medicine (which feels like having my security blanket torn out of my hands) and slowly introduce the new meds which is too little for a lot of benefit right now!  
I can do this, right?!
I did a little puttering but my mind can't bear concentrating for too long. 
I added a bit of background to the watercolor, 
and I sanded the new resin sea animals, then drilled holes so they can be worn.
I am trying to make up my mind to put them all on one necklace or to have five individual ones.  
Today is not the best day for decisions. 
And I did a bit of this because I can do it with my eyes closed!  
Yes, this fiber is easy to spin;  even if it is Masham top. 
It is a new to me fiber and I am liking it just fine.

I didn't knit again today.......this is not a good pattern.
Tomorrow has to be a better day.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Moving Day #14

These guys have done a LOT of moving around since we all moved to Florida. Son #2 on the right is moving his family to a house this time 
A beautiful home and a fenced in back yard to raise two sons! 
Bill did the stacking and off-loading. 
We got the kids happy in the corner out of the way with a box of toys and they were great!
We had a wonderful and exhausting day!

Friday, November 13, 2015

A Day Home

All of my Christmas cacti are in bloom!  It is beautiful to see all the plants covered with different shades of red! 
I stood and quilted at the frame off and on all day!  It is so nice to be home ;  to putter, clean, work on a project and lay down when needed....... 
The tutti-frutti quilt is off the frame! 
Speaking of fruit-I have been leaving my watercolor out so I can paint a bit in between other ideas.
It was a great day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We Interrupt This Week....

For a ton of doctor appointments.
And tests.
And labs.
And exhaustion.
But, we did get a bit turned around and ended up driving by the famous St Augustine lighthouse.
We just looked.
We weren't up to climbing it! 
Today, we talked to this guy-he was the hit for live entertainment during lunch following 3 hours of MRI tube time!
I haven't done anything else blog worthy.  I am just too tired.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Different Kind of Color

We are just starting to see the maple trees change color but in the meantime, we have spectacular color from the Rain Trees!
The color is not from the leaves but from these seed pods! 
They are large clusters on the ends of branches. 
No aroma, just beauty!
(I know a lot of people call them nuisance trees because they make a mess but so , too, do all the falling leaves up North;  it is all in the eye of the beholder.  This eye loves spotting these trees and I love their color.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Baby Shower

One month away until we get to hold grandchild 8, Eathan Matthew ! 
It was a nice welcome and a good way to share the joy of his coming! 
This is my other daughter-in-law  and her sisters who coordinated the shower decorations and food!
(Second from left)
And the two grandmas waiting for their baby snuggles!

Friday, November 6, 2015


Our calendar has been filled with go days and today was surely appreciated as a stay day.
I had a lot to do to get ready for the baby shower tomorrow for my daughter-in-law.
BUT as soon as I finished with the gottas, I loaded up the tutti fruitti quilt!
Now to wait for another home day-looking at the calendar, it will not happen until next Friday.
Who said retirement was boring?!!!! 
I tore down the mismatched flannel table cloths I have been using for a design wall and bought some cotton batting and hung it up-all 12' x 8' of it!  It looks better and works better, too.
Nice to have a win-win solution! 
Of course, I had to put something up on all that blank space!  Another tutti-fruitti tumbler block quilt using the other charm pack I had.  I ran out of block so filled it in with a different edging arrangement this time.  It will cheer me up as I walk past and it will wait for me.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November is Necks

This month, the KAL I am doing centers around anything that will cover the neck.
As soon as I dyed this Teeswater/Coltwold roving and spun it, I have pictured it knit up . 
I knit it into Zuzu's Petal cowl pattern.  As soon as you finish an item in lace, it looks awful off the needles! 
It looks like a big mistake!  (This is the back) 
But as soon as it is soaked, blocked and dried it blooms into its full knitted glory! 
Now the blob of yarn looks like it is supposed to.  The yarn is soft and even has a luster.
I like the look of a shawl without having to keep it in place.  I hope more designers try their hand at this kind of cowl.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Slow and Steady

I sat and worked on ripping out all the X blocks so I could add the brown row.  It was a job but I am so glad I knuckled under and did it! 
This top now needs borders and I have a plan all ready to put in place as soon as I go to the fabric store to secure my yardages! 
I cut out the borders for the tutti-frutti quilt.  It will go on the frame this week. 
I needed to replace curtains in one of the little rooms at church;  I had to dig to find enough yardage but found this homespun check which is more beige and green than it shows here-perfect! 
Crafty Gemini had this free download to make your own neck pillow.  Since I have a hard time holding my head up by the end of the day (or while traveling in a car!)  I thought it would be a great idea.  It was!  It is so comfortable and it doesn't dislodge every time I lean forward to grab an item from my purse or a dropped knitting needle!  I made one for Bill for in the car just because  I had enough fabric.  (These were from a pair of repurposed suedecloth pants-I hated the pants but loved the fabric....I knew they could be something useful someday!)