Saturday, December 9, 2017

Fernandina Festivities!

 Visiting youngest son and his family for an early Christmas.  It was so quiet and peaceful with just one family at a time!  
 The kitty posed for typical Christmas tree use as far as they are concerned!  
Here is the new sweater (or vest, I haven't decided yet!) I am working on.  I am using the pattern I made the green sweater from so I have the skeleton and can flesh it out any way I want!
I am a knitter after all!

Now back to my role as Grandma and playing with the kids!

Friday, December 8, 2017


I now have 200 yards of two ply sport yarn
from the breed of sheep called Southdown.
This yarn is from the class of sheep called down breeds 
so it is springy and plump!
There will be little to no felting when washed.
It is next to the skin soft.
Other than the nepps in this particular fleece, 
this was a great spin and will be a pleasurable knit!
And Lena jumped into the warm ~clean~ clothes when I set the basket down for just a minute
on the way to take them to fold!
Of course, I left her there and she took a 2 hour nap all nestled snugly!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Parts of a Whole

I have finished knitting all of the parts for the Drift cardigan!
Usually I sew all the parts together and then block it 
but I decided I would try it this way so that I could block each piece according to the schematic.
  It was also easier to make sure all the parts were matched this way. 
 Once dry, I have to sew it at the shoulder seams and then pick up and knit the front button bands.  

I was slammed with a migraine first thing on Tuesday and still dysfunctional yesterday.
Migraines are such thieves of time.
Now today I have to go for an MRI to check the progress of the MS.
Too bad I can't knit while in that tube for hours!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Threads that Bind Quilters

 I enjoyed quilting time with my local group-
my throat is still pretty sore but the medicine is starting to kick in gear! 
 I finished the other 6 blocks while there so I can squeak a table topper out of these.
 I have only a few blue pieces and a few more of the beige
 so I am playing around with the idea of  angled blocks for a border
 to really use up every last piece from this collection.
 While at our stitching time, a woman came in and asked if we would be interested
 if she dropped off a few unfinished quilt tops from her m-i-l who passed away.
  We naturally said we would be glad to look them over and donate what we couldn't use-
you never know what you are going to get!
She said no one in her family did any sewing let alone quilting 
and she wanted them to go to people who would appreciate the work that went into them.
Well, we hit pay dirt!
  These are very old tops (flimsies my Aussie friend calls them!)
  We each picked out one and said what we thought we would do with  it.
 Most had condition problems-they have been stored a long time and smelled of moth balls.
 When this quilter ran out of fabric for a strip-she just pieced a similar color and continued on her work.  
You can see this red square had several pieces to bring it up to size. 
 All of the quilts were pieced by hand with a few blocks sewn by machine, too.
The pieced block on the right was done by machine.
There are 81 pieced blocks and two different fabrics used for the red blocks. 
 There are fabrics from the 30's, 40's and 50's in this quilt; 
 some of the other tops were from the 50's and 60's. 
 We sure had a wonderful time examining these donations!
  I think I will layer this with batting and backing and quilt it.
  Of course, many quilts made in FL of that time period were just backed and quilted without a filler so it was a light covering for the bed not a quilt for warmth. 
 But since this was made by a woman in Jacksonville,
 she would have experienced cooler temperatures for winter
 and would have appreciated a quilt with a cotton batting. 
 I will think it through a bit-how do you weigh in?

Monday, December 4, 2017


 I'm  patiently knitting on the cardigan, Drift,
 and managed to do about half of the sleeve while in the doctor's office yesterday! 
 How do people survive waiting so long without their knitting!!!!?
When I finally saw the nurse, my blood pressure was its usual 118/62  because I knit! lol 
 (I am on meds now to knock that sore throat bacteria out of my ballpark!)
 I am patiently plying  the Southdown singles into yarn.
There is just no hurrying some things that we do and the slow down is good for us!
What are you doing that is requiring patience?

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hard Labor!

 I have been working for days on this chimney.  
(and my sore throat is back with a vengeance!)
The front is finished and so am I!  
It was so labor intensive-I needed a spa;  if only....
 I put out my tall front door trees....the wreath is also hung there now. 
My Christmas cacti are all in bloom-a wonderful addition to my decor!
 I am really paring back on the decorations this year! 
 Not for reasons of being a Grinch but because of the work!
 Now these are my latest creations with rope-real cotton rope this time!  
(They are both about 10" across and 6' and 8" tall)
 After being inspired by Pintrest, I tried a few fancy 'holes' in my side walls.   
     I also experimented with securing the end of the rope when finishing. 
     This basket has grey in the top and bobbin thread for a shadowy grey tint to the basket.
I used only white in this one but played around with the holes. 
 I used only 50' for each basket.
I was thinking they would work for yarn bowls also-and big enough for a few yarn cakes, 
needles and pattern!  I much prefer this kind of 'work' any day!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Soft and Hard

 I had the idea of using up the remaining blue and beige strips from the log cabin triangles 
so I made some rail fence and log cabin squares.
  I will combine these and see how many I can get from this little pile for a lap quilt.
I have been spinning up the batts of Southdown I carded last week
 and it has bugged me that there are so many nepps in the wool
 so I dug out the combs (lethal weapons!) and combed strips off the batts to make some lovely top.
There was a Lot of waste-the short miserable bits that I didn't like spinning-
so I carded them up again to finish the bobbin I started. 
 And this will be spun on a new bobbin to compare how this will spin. 
It was a good lesson in combing!  
I enjoyed pulling the fiber off the combs into roving-very relaxing!
 Then after lunch I headed out to take the grout residue off the tiles. 
 Not an easy job of it.  
After two hours, I only had half of the job done. 
 The new grout has plastic in it because it just doesn't rub off like the old stuff.  
What a work out! 
 I will definitely try a new technique on the other sides-
so much for following directions on the grout bucket!

Fernandina Festivities!

 Visiting youngest son and his family for an early Christmas.  It was so quiet and peaceful with just one family at a time!    The ki...