Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How about a Medal?

The Medallion Quilt is off the sewing table and will soon be on the frame!
I am backed up by 5 quilts right now....what's another?!
I guess I am enjoying the piecing more than the quilting right now.
The standing has nothing to do with it, right?!  
I will have to look into one of those fancy seats for sitting while at the frame! 
This is a record breaker.....a Camellia already blooming! 
(for the record, we noticed the bloom on the 15th!)
With lots more of these to come!
The white Camellias are always the first to bloom but not usually until November.
I love how these flowers stay on the bush  a   l o n g   time!

Even longer than queue at the longarm!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nice as Gneiss

The Close to You Shawl is completed!  
It was a 680 yard skein so I knit forever on this shawl until I got very close to the end of the yarn!
Even though the yardage is higher than most, this shawl is as light as a feather!
It is light and airy because it is knit on number 6 needles.
The skein is 50/50 Yak and Silk lace weight yarn from Expression Fiber Arts.
When I last posted the shawl, my daughter said it reminded her of this kind of rock called Gneiss.
I love it!   
As usual, this shawl grew considerably when blocked.  I didn't pin this one at all, just patted the shawl into place after soaking it for 30 mins and spinning it in the washer to remove most of the water.  It is 38" deep on the squared edge and 84" along the top, curved edge. 
I almost didn't block it because it was in pretty good shape when I finished but I really like the airiness of it now that I blocked it!
This is a pattern that will be revisited and will look different with every yarn choice!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Butterflies on the Frame

I loaded the butterfly quilt on the frame.  I had everything ready to go but instead it is in a pile?  I wonder why I didn't just load it right up already?
So I started right in on the angular borders but I'm going to stipple around the butterflies so they pop.
So far it is going pretty well, especially since I have had several refresher courses on picking out stitches!  All of a sudden, I forget which way to go!  I hope by the end of the quilt, I have memorized the patterns for the borders!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Looks like Granite!

 I have been adding a pattern repeat or two every day and it is adding up.
I think the yarn is about half gone so I will keep knitting.
The yarn may look like granite but since this is yak/silk, it is downy soft to knit with insead!
I will be working on this for a while....
This is knit with lace weight yarn on #6 needles in garter stitch so it is slow going but every 8 rows I bind off for the lace edge so I know I am making progress!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Bill got home from his work with the power company during the storm and he brought me this sugar cookie because he missed me!  It is big-5" of cookie big and I ate the whole thing! 
We had a good tour of the property and saw this pine tree down.
More work ahead. 
And half of the Wild Plum tree down.
We will be busy with all the yard clean-up for another week at least! 
Inside, I decided to start the Lighthouse shop hop quilt. 
After figuring out a bit of hazy instructions (you know the kind that say cut out and sew but leave out minor details like dimensions but hey, I figured it out eventually!)
And it worked out pretty good.
The kit I purchased had several errors and one was major;  it didn't include enough of the bottom right side fabric-kind of important!  I have emailed the quilt shop but haven't heard back from them.
The fabric is from a Danish Co that only sells directly to shop owners.  I'm not beaten yet! 
(and yes, I checked Ebay and Etsy and Google-all came up blank!)
Meanwhile, I finished the cormo Nurlimintu shawl...again!
This time it is over six feet long at the bottom of the turquoise section.  It will be plenty big enough to wrap around and be snuggly this time! 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Post-Hurricane Matthew

I did all this while watching the hurricane out my window! 
The driveway and yard are all covered with branches and spanish moss. 
Only one tree is down and that isn't near the house! 
In fact, the neighbor's son came over and helped move it out of the right-of-way next to me! 
I've worked this much on the front yard. 
The porch is put back in order, too.
I have enough to keep me busy for another week!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pre-Hurricane Matthew

After working all day yesterday, we saw this on the way to church.
The black dots at the top of the rainbow are vultures coming to roost, 
which was just a bonus! 
The sky last night gave no indication that a hurricane was on its way! 
Bill finished the drain in this group of pipes.
This is located in my studio.
Just one of those projects that got overlooked. 
When he finished the plumbing part, I painted it with polyurethane to seal the cement.
This was the first part and then we moved the extras so the whole area could get a good covering.
After it dried, I moved my craft table back into place and the room divider was opened and used to block the water system and the pipes.   
Much more pleasing to my eye now! 
I finished sewing all my strips for the last area of the medallion quilt and then I cut all the strips for the yellow border and the printed blue one.
Next week I will put it all together!
Love it! 
I also tweaked the pattern for the crossover purse.
It is getting easier and easier to make this.
I am using fusible web instead of interfacing and it is working to make a sleeker but still firm purse fabric.
Very satisfying to make! 
Bill has been called to work for the storm assessment company and had to have EH boots, meaning able to take 18000 volts of electricity when he is out and writing reports for downed wires, etc.
He had to report to Orlando for a central sending point. 
You don't understand how large the boots are until you see them next to my shoes!
A 15eee is a big boot!
We were glad to buy local and be ready to equip him for safety.
He has battened down all the hatches for me while he is gone.
I have a friend who had to evacuate here so I have company.
We cooked all morning and have drinking water, cooking and bathing water and even buckets of water by the toilets in case we lose power!
Our batteries are stocked, we have LED lights and then  the most important part-
All jokes aside, I hope you are safe where you are and you are not taking it for granted!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Setting the Pace

The Cormo handspun yarn was knit into this Nurmilintu shawl.
It looks pretty on the mannequin but when I tried it on, it was a bit too short.
I pulled out the bind-off stitches and continued on-I have this much yarn left to add on;  it should be just right! 
I pulled out the pieces for the Medallion quilt which are called piano keys and did a bit of piecing. 
The pieces will look nice sewn together! 
I moved my mosaic stepping stones over by the new bird feeder-I like the invitation! 
The hibiscus which was knocked back by the frost last winter, has finally come to life enough to bloom! 
JD is a stray we found so many years ago but she has always been aloof from people including us!
Well we have ben so surprised that she has been coming in every evening and sitting among us like she is a regular visitor!
Cats, who can figure them out?!
This treasure trove of goods is a generous gift from a blog friend!
She is a fearless maker of soap and luxury lotions! 
I decided to make a small notions vinyl fronted zippered case to say thank you! 
These flamingoes will remind her of her Floridian friend!

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Welcome to a new month.  I was welcomed home to this beauty in bloom! 
 Nyki is so hard to photograph-she usually turns the other way-but today she stuck by my side all day;  she was so glad to have me home!
I couldn't believe she looked right at me when I picked up my phone to point it at her and didn't even jump away afterwards!
Dovecote Capelet is on its way to Marsel!
Just in time for nippy mornings for her in Georgia!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wrap it Up!

 Marsel spun up two skeins of Peruvian wool, 140 yards!  
 She washed and dried the skeins and started right away on the next yarn...
...some beautiful rainbow Superwash Merino/nylon we dyed last Spring (2015!)
We split the roving into 4 sections so there will be two, 2 ply skeins.
I will have her send me a pic of them when finished! 
Abigail and I had a sewing project this morning, a cross shoulder bag for her to wear!
She is enjoying her sewing skills and has a quilt in her next HomeSchool home ec class! 
While we were working inside, the guys were trimming the bushes, 
making things just so for the Fall/Winter months.
The job went faster with fewer bushes this Fall.
(the big job of changing the landscaping took place in May this year!0
This is the finished job in the back yard!
You would never know there was a jungle here a few days ago!
Bill seeded it with rye and with a week of watering, it will be green and lush and ready for mowing in a few weeks!
Just in time for their November yard Church gathering! 
We said our goodbyes , see you soon!
And Bill and I hit the road at 3pm to head back home.
We planned to spend the night again at the halfway point but once we hit there, we decided to just keep going!  It was a fun, crazy trip but we made it! 
See what I finished on the way home?!  Presenting the Dovecote Capelet in DK weight yarn on #5 needles, 2 skeins.  It fits wonderfully and I know this because I wore it for part of the trip home! 
 I will be mailing it back to Marsel tomorrow-I was mad I didn't finish it in time to leave it with her but time just got away from me!
I will be blocking it before I send it out but I was too anxious to get the picture here and share it!
The ribbed sections really make for a nice fit that stays put-a great design.
I will be making one for me in olive green!