Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Youngest son said he really misses having an afghan to cuddle under for a nap.
He has lots of quilts from me and from his wife's grandma but he forgot how nice a roomy afghan could be after napping after mine.
(I will admit, mine is a relic made when he was about 9 or 10 years old and he is now 30!)
Mom and I took that old one and figured out how it was made since I couldn't find the little pamphlet I used to make it!
After a bit of trial and error, we have the medallions in working order!
We bought 5 large skeins of Red Heart yarn which is good for afghans, split them up by winding up cakes for each of us to churn out these squares-I figure we each have 70-75 to make!
(The colors are all the colors the ocean appears and we bought sand for the color to crochet all the squares together at their completion!)

Monday, January 16, 2017

An Accidental Remodel!

 The two little Striped Aviator Hats are finished for my two little misses in Washington State where they are experiencing - WINTER!
(Size 4 and 2)
I decided to go with ties on their hats because it is cold and they would need to secure their hats better than my Florida grands.  I love this little machinery to crank out the I-cords in mere minutes!
 After the leaking pipe ordeal, the flooring all looks and feels like a scrub board.  Since we have to pull it all up and replace it, we talked over a little thing we wished we had done 4 years ago when the kitchen was totally overhauled and didn't think of then.
 And that was to rip out this partial wall dividing the kitchen and the family room.   Since it wasn't a  support wall, it could go and now it has!  Of course, all of the walls in the old part of the house are cement block which makes for an interesting removal.  Dad and Bill are well acquainted with the challenge and made fast work of it!
 The sheetrock was stripped and the sledge hammer work began!
 No, more like piece by piece they carried each block out after Bill nudged them off their mortar!
 By early afternoon  we were looking at this-open and roomy!  What a great way to make the kitchen a better place to work in! (We are going to be adding a small island counter on wheels to place it wherever it would be needed!)  Bill has to change the placement of the water lines to the refrigerator and fill in the sheetrock on the ceiling and the wall behind the cabinet-he likes the wall knocking out kind of project, not the finishing work kind of ones! Tough shanoogies, says I!  Oh, yes, we have to replace the flooring, too! lol)
 The cats all gave the new arrangement quite a going over-different is not always acceptable to them!
Baby Lena says her world has been turned upside down but she would like it anyway as long as there is food and milk!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Look Up!

This was an accidental photo.........I like it a lot.
"I was glad when they said to me,
“Let us go to the house of the LORD!”
                                                                     Psalm 122:1

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Birthday Fun!

 Early morning work.
 We enjoyed a birthday scavenger hunt around my parents train house!
 The kids had so much fun following their map!  
We had fun following the kids!
Ella needed a new Elsa dress since she outgrew her last one!
 Eli liked being on his new trike using the ground instead of the pedals for now!
After the party, we went home and did some treasure hunting-
Bill is grateful I am cleaning up his yard!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


 Isn't this the sweetest little lap blanket?!
 It has been a bit of a week-we burst an old lead pipe under the sink.  (This is Bill's pic of the hole he had to chip out of the cement block under the sink so he could repair it.
While it was hard for us to reach, it wasn't hard for the water to leak under the cupboards and into our flooring.
I will save that saga for another day.
 This is how I did dishes this week.......in the tub!  
At least it wasn't in the creek!
 I tried out a new Accuquilt die called LeMoyne Star.
It looked complicated but when you broke down the components, it was very enjoyable!
These blocks will be made using scraps from the stash with the others doing the Rainbow Scrap Challenge with Angela on her blog.  This month's color is purple!  I'm working on my drawing plan but wanted to jump in and get lost sewing with the week we've had!)
 Four little blocks sewn together and I had it!
Bill finished the plumbing job just in time to make dinner!
It was so nice to work in a kitchen with water and a drain!
He even saved the pieces he had to cut out of the back of the cabinet so he could put them back.
I cannot begin to mention the blessing of having a handy husband!
(Oh, and during one of the trips to the hardware store for supplies, the car battery died.
Bill got a 'jump' from a helpful stranger and went and bought a new battery for it.
My Dad came and put it in for Bill so he could stay on course with the drain pipe!
What a day!