Saturday, June 24, 2017

Gladys Tidings!

 Off the needles and ready for wearing!  The Gladys Socks were a great knit; 
 this pair were knit over 64 sts with Chroma superwash and next time I would try them with only 56 sts but I haven't thrown them in the washer or dryer to see what happens there!
 When I smoothed them out on the sock dryers, I noticed a dropped stitch right at the base of the ribbing!  Thank goodness for scrap yarn, a darning needle and duplicate stitches to rescue the errant stitch!  If this was a toe-up sock, I could have ripped out the ribbing to fix it but this was top down--ripping was NOT an option!
 But once I finished weaving in the mending ends, there is no problem any more!
I also finished piecing and trimming all the flannel blocks into tops-you will be seeing them again soon as finished quilts!

((I was interrupted while in the middle of loading pictures and came back to the laptop to find Lena had loaded a picture and posted this for me!
What a sweet and helpful kitty!)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Solstice Bloom!

 During the day I finished piecing some more flannel squares.  I was bored with the straight setting of the squares so put them on point!
 When I was finished, I squared up the outer edge-I have two more little tops set out like this left to do!
 During the day, I could see the bloom growing and expanding!  I knew tonight was the night!
 Sure enough-by nine o'clock it was beginning to open!
 When I went out at eleven, it was a torrential downpour!  It didn't stop me!
I needed to capture this event! 
 As I was up close for the photo session, Bill shone the flashlight from the porch!  The aroma was heavenly even with the hard rain pounding away!  As I am getting soaked, Bill yells that there is another bloom on the other side of the plant!!
 I couldn't believe it!  Another full bloom about a day ahead of the one on the other side!  See the shape?  This is why it is called the Dutchman's Pipe-it is about 12" from stem to flower tip!
  It is indeed amazing-so intricate and delicate looking yet hardy enough to hold up to the driving rain last night.  It was worth it to be up and sopping wet to see this incredible event!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


 I am ready to turn the heel on sock 2-it is going much faster as usual on the second one!
 My night blooming Cerius is preparing to bloom!  It swells each day noticeably!
 And then the curl up of the bloom-this is why it is commonly called the Dutchman's Pipe!
 See how the end is filling with the flower?!  I check it every night so I won't miss it!
 I have sewn all the piles of men's suit fabric into tops and measured them so I will be able to purchase the right amount of fleece for the backing.
 And now I have started in on the pile of flannel that has been cut up into squares and waiting for me for a few years!  Little quilts will be completed soon!
And another very exciting bloom I am waiting for-the Lifesaver Cactus is going to not only flower but there are two!  Just wait until you see these!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Off the Needles

 I finished the washcloth in time to tie it to the baby gift!
 The masterpiece of a sock, Gladys, is off the needles and its mate is cast on!
 It is really a great marriage of color and texture!
 Over the weekend, we discovered a tortoise and the boys ran with him down the lane next to our house!
Later we picked blackberries;  the rains in their seasons are bringing in a good crop!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Stitch by Stitch

 I wanted to knit a baby washcloth yesterday-I spent more than half a day looking for this pink cotton yarn!  When I found it and the pattern (Daisy Stitch Washcloth)  I got to work.  I wasn't seeing the pattern and felt a bit frustrated when I turn it over to the side I thought was the back and paid attention to the return row....
 and here was where all the goodness showed!  The pattern isn't a thrill to knit but it is an easy remember and has good results so I will finish it up today, I hope!
 I couldn't wait another minute to cast on this pair of socks last night!  And then when I got to the pattern section of the chart to add white-I wasn't happy with the natural I have and so I will wait and order white to go with this!  Delays....
 I am plugging along on the foot which is going on way too long! lol  The pattern is a joy and since the bottom of the foot is stockinette, it is moving along very well, it's just that I only get so much uninterrupted knit time!!!!
Look who was taking her morning bath in the sunshine!  She looks small in this pic but she is already larger than another of our little runts but she is still the sweetest little kitty Lena!

Friday, June 16, 2017


 My wild quilt is completed-even washed and dried!  It is 44" x 60".
 I so enjoyed stitching it with a sunburst on every block and squiggles on the borders!  
 For a treat with my share of the tax money, I splurged and bought a new program for embroidery.  My old system no longer worked with the updated computers so I haven't been able to tweak, customize or combine designs.
Now, the embroidery is open for me again and I want to explore embroidery for quilting blocks!
 As a complement to the software, I bought some new embroidery thread!  Lots of shades so the embroidery will have the depth it need for success!
 I organized them in rainbow order, of course!
(I was able to buy both of these products on EBAY, at a price I could afford,
 from the luxury of home-priceless!)
 This isn't a pic of buds but rather the flower head is made up of these tubes and the hummingbirds love them!
 And for the first time, our prayer lily has produced a flower!
Dawn....chasing the boys from dawn to dusk;  from morning cuddles to bedtime snuggles.  It's an art.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Interruptions in Life

 I've managed to knit a bit on the Gladys sock-I did turn the heel at least!
(Little  Tornado has been sick and the whole house has been turned on its head!
We do not sleep at night and since my 8  hours  recharge is absolutely necessary to then make it through the day, it has been rough for both of us!)
 I went to quilting for a few hours on Monday and managed to piece this lap robe top.  It is made of men's suiting samples! 
 It has such a great woolen smell when pressing it!
 I organized all the squares and have enough for three more lap robes. 
 I have to wait to finish these because I back them with polar fleece instead of batting and backing. 
 I will get to the store to purchase some yardage next week I hope!
 This water iris is so pretty-it is in the pool area.
 Right outside of the patio is a rain lily.  It is pretty tangled through all the year but when the May (late this year) rains hit, the flowers are stunning
 AND they smell delicious!
 There are tons of blooms on one stalk so it is a real show-stopper!
 The mandavilla is doing its thing-bloom after bloom in this bright red!
And the ground orchids are all in bloom-these little blooms are so intricate 
and delicate looking but stand up to drought or heavy rains both. 
 A real survivor!
I might be blurry-eyed but I can still see the beauty around me!

Gladys Tidings!

 Off the needles and ready for wearing!  The Gladys Socks were a great knit;   this pair were knit over 64 sts with Chroma superwash an...