Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Silky Neck

 This month's silk yarn arrived.  I love the color;  it is called morning glory!
And it includes the cutest sheep charms........
....which I immediately attached to clips for stitch markers/progress keepers!
I caked up the skein-it is called fingering weight
but it has the feel and drape of #5 crochet cotton;  
it is a fine yarn. 
But it knits right up nicely into a little shawlette.  
The pattern alternates garter with mesh to work however you want to do it; 
 I am working these two sections in ever increasing row counts
on #3 needles.
A nice diversion, as always!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Making Colors

 I experimented with corals and browns
as I wielded the Jacquard dye bottles .
I do love the way the yarn grabs the dyes!
 I dyed some roving, too.
I am hoping to line up some colored wool since I have spun white for too long!
It is so warm in the sunshine, it took no time at all to dry the fiber.
 This is some BFL (blue-faced Leicester wool) and Tussah silk blend.
I can't wait to spin this!
This four ounce roving is Hampshire wool, a downy breed,
 and took the dye so differently from the the long, silky wool of the BFL!
It will spin long draw and yield a bouncy wool, 
I'm pretty sure!
Will took this picture of his cat,  Nemo.
He is guarding another roving I dyed, it is a superwash Merino/nylon. 
This was an amazing view of our sky last night-
There is also a flock of egrets flying to roost.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

So What If......

I wondered how this afghan would look if I used a smaller 'scallop' .
This one is big enough for a lap robe; 
 I will knit a border on the side edges to make them neater
and call it done. 
I reduced the stitches from 40 to 30 and added a few more scallops to the row
 and I liked what I saw.  

So much for using up scraps of yarn-now I will have to buy some more to finish the new idea!
I will rip the first one out and use that yarn instead.
Because that is often what happens to the first one off the drawing board.
And that is what happens when you get an idea.......

Monday, June 18, 2018

Frog Legs

 I passed the halfway mark while working through the frog quilt!
I have cut my time to applique them to only 11 minutes.  
Those frog fingers will be the death of me! lol
Tw0 more rows to go and I will be finished!
Will made this frame for his Dad for Father's Day-he was so excited to give this gift to him yesterday.
I am glad this rough and tough little boy has such a wonderfully creative streak, too!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

SilverLeaf Shawl Finished!

 Silver Leaf Shawl is off the needles and on my shoulders!
I thought my bright idea to add a little picot lace edging would be better
 than just the abrupt garter bind off but it took me forever to do it!
Unblocked and right off the needles.  
It is a big shawl. 
 Light and airy and wonderful to wrap around my shoulders when I have a sleeveless dress on.
 The leaf lace portion of the pattern is a good knit-
easy to do once you realize it is a two sided lace chart!  
I love the way the yarn switched its coloring right on the stem of the leaves!
 The shawl was wider than my blocking area- so I folded the top down...
and the other tip needed a fold back, too! 
 It blocked out to just over 6' by 36" !
I used two balls of Chroma fingering twist (superwash) in the Surfs Up! colorway on #7 needles.
This is a really nice pattern and I will make it again in a smaller size!  
(I added several pattern repeats that were not in the original since I had to order more yarn.)

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Some Pink Going On...

 I was pleasantly surprised by the new swamp lily open this morning.  
No scent, just beauty.
 The Caladium is a beautiful, showy leaf among the pretty caterpillar ground cover.
I picked all 23 of the heavy spent blooms off the cereus plant. 
And I managed to piece all the triangles on this lap quilt.
Now to figure out the borders....

Friday, June 15, 2018

An Oasis

 My last crazy scheduled day for a while...
I started it out by giving Lena a good brushing....
 she can't hold still while I brush her-she has her own aerobics act...
play biting at my hand and the brush included
 pushing against me to roll and stretch
 and then to give a very contented sigh.  A "10" for the dramatic performance!
 After dropping Will off for Art Camp, I stopped to admire the Egret nesting ground on the shore of Lake Stella.
In the afternoon, instead of running errands.....
I sat. In the shade. And knitted.  What a perfect choice to wind down instead of winding up!

A Silky Neck

 This month's silk yarn arrived.  I love the color;  it is called morning glory! And it includes the cutest sheep charms........ ...