Thursday, October 18, 2018

Parcels of Time

 Look what came in the mail!
I will squeeze it and stroke it but I will not start the sweater
 until I am done with the Flor de Jerez sweater-which I am loving btw! 
 And it was Flor that came along and took my focus away from the Invairiance sweater
 (it's those sleeves and twisting the body around and around....)
 Ethan loves to play anything that involves running-give him a piece of my yarn
 and he is off and running-in this house of 8 cats, one of them will come running!
 They are just a blur up and down the hallway!
 In the afternoon, when we are waiting for Grandpa to bring Will home from school, 
he likes an outdoor project. 
 If I had a hammer.....(sing with me!)
He pounded the nail in and pulled it out and pounded it in, repeat...for an hour!
I had a nice view while he made a good racket-and I got several rows in also!
It's good I can knit without watching every stitch because he likes me to 'watch' him!
 He painted this earlier in the day-he told me which colors were happy
 and which were sad or mad or scared or shy! 
 It was a wonderful conversation while I managed to piece the three blocks on the left!
(It helps to have all the components in a stack so all I have to do is piece and press!)

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Another Sunflower

 Yes, another sunflower dishcloth has rolled right off my knitting needles!
(a free pattern from KnitPicks called Starflower dishcloth)
I think this one will go to Will's teacher to cheer her up!
It's not easy to be with those kids all day!
And look what else is restored to its place of honor!!!!
I worked on it all last week, letting each step have several days to cure so this time there will be no offending 'bubble' to lift the mosaic work this time!
Now I can enjoy the view from out the front and the back of my home to see these birdbaths!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Playing Outside

 We're taking care of our neighbor's pets....look at her beautiful rain tree!
 And this confederate rose has no smell  :'(   but these 8' tall stalks sure make a statement!
These blooms related to hibiscus,  only last one day; 
 they are white in morning, pink in the afternoon and deep red by evening!
How cool is that!
 Just outside the doorway is this large Argiope spider and web!  It is a zipper spider or writing spider
 because of this large 'zipper' in the middle of the web.
 After taking care of the dog and cat, we took the boys out back of her yard
 (which butts up to our back , back yard which is still under water).  
Bill had made a landbridge to the backside of the dirt pile 
where the boys used to play when we hung out on the pond lawn. 
 Will left a footprint next to raccoon prints-I thought it made an interesting photo!
Bill built this dry 'road' Saturday and already the wild life is making use of it!
(Little boys are not the only ones who like playing on dirt piles!)
 Kings on the hill!
 Oh, the joy of hurling dirt balls into water!
 The water lilies are where the pond used to be before the acreage became a lake.
 It did make beautiful scenery. 
 These will be historic records when the water goes down
 and it will be a distant memory, I hope!
 This is looking toward our home from waaaay out back-see the banana grove?
 On the way home an hour later-we passed this very aromatic clump of white ginger.
The red ginger I have in the front yard grow the beautiful red cones-interesting in their own right 
but the smell of these white ginger blooms is incredible!
We need to grow these outside my bedroom window!
And inside, I have an open orchid bloom!  So cheerful and intricate!

What's of interest just outside your front door?!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Saturday Summary

 Against all odds, I put the binding on the Starry Splendor quilt!
Of course, I put it on wrong and had to rip it out and start again but don't count that!
 I do love the way the quilt crinkles after a wash and dry!
 I have completed the 12 inches the pattern recommends
but I will be adding 2 inches since I am not the midriff peaking kind of woman!
This is an incredibly wonderful knit so far; 
I can't wait to join the sleeves and work on the yoke pattern next!
And because I could, I whipped off one of the sunflower dishcloths for the fun of it!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Strands and Cables

 Progress is being made on the Helianthus....
It's going well considering the level of childcare required for this day.
Me and OJ are feeling like this! 
It's been a long week.

Friday, October 12, 2018


The mitts are started and this is all I could accomplish last night but it was an enjoyable beginning!
I haven't knit colorwork in a long time, it is slower but has a nice rhythm all its own!
 Helianthus are sunflowers which we enjoyed this summer!
And this happy kitty likes to sleep on my knitting which makes me chose 
another project....

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round!

A field trip made for an interesting day yesterday!
The bus was not air conditioned,
it was warm to put it mildly,
and loud
and Will still has laryngitis so a whisper is his loudest volume
which means we did a lot of lip reading!
He was glad I was there and so it made all of the irritations of the day
 very minor in comparison to his smile! 

I managed to finish knitting the neck ribbing
and seam the size 4 sweater together!
My experiment in construction was a success.
I made notes so I can do it again!

Parcels of Time

 Look what came in the mail! I will squeeze it and stroke it but I will not start the sweater  until I am done with the Flor de Jerez...