Monday, December 5, 2016

Soft and Warm

 I used some vintage fabric in the stash to make some window valances for a nursery.
 And then I set to work on the pinwheel quilt.  I was very disappointed I didn't catch any kitties with my contact paper!
 I have a now have a pile of quilts that need their bindings sewn on!  (I am hoping the new quilt on the frame without the trap, won't be inviting to any naughty kitties!)
The Close to You shawl with the two lace weight yarns saw some progress tonight.  I need to knuckle down and finish that vest but I am not feeling like it!  So unlike me but that's the way it is!  It is a bit fiddly to change the colors in the middle of the row like this but it is working nicely and I do like the way it looks AND since I didn't have enough of either color alone, this is ideal.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday Evening

 I finished the four tube socks my two Seattle grands;  I need to get going to mail out all their Christmas boxes!
The ball of brown yarn was a hat out of that Jacob cursed wool.
I was running out of yarn on the vest and fantasizing about a trash-it party, when I remembered this hat I made out of the yarn last year and put it away 'cuz it was so ugly.
Now I will have enough yarn for that vest!
I am so over knitting it but I am going to finish or else!
 On to happier thoughts;  I love Saturdays!  I don't know why since technically everyday is like a Saturday when you are retired but I definitely shift gears mentally and just enjoy the day!
Off to the studio I went where I made some more center pieces for Christmas...both of these are gifts!
 Then I did some surgery on this little bear who is an antique since he was a gift to me at my birth and I believe there was a matching outfit to go with him.  He used to be pink and grey stripes with pink corduroy pads on his paws.
He is filled with sawdust or I should say used to be.  Most of it had hardened and condensed so that he was mostly flat so he couldn't sit up anymore.
I bought some crushed, ground walnut shells to use to refill him.
I was able to open the stitching in the back, fill him up and stitch it closed so he is nice and round again!
 I finished the circles quilt!
  I ended up using the straight stitching all up and down every block the same and this way the stitching line could be continuous. 
It looks modern and clean!
Next week it will be bound and washed and I will show you the finished quilt!
 I decided to do something with the growing stack of finished paintings!
I hung them in the hall to my studio so I can enjoy my very own art gallery!
 I loaded the next quilt on the frame and set a trap....
When I went out to finish the circles quilt this morning, some naughty cat had tried to sleep on it last night and they were too fat so it popped half of the pins on the top, ripped the edging of the quilt backing and torqued the layers!
I was very unhappy.
So tonight , after I loaded the new quilt on the frame, I didn't want a repeat of last night.
I rolled the quilt forward to there was more of the quilt on the roller to protect the fragile edge and then I put some contact paper across the quilt top-STICKY SIDE UP!
I hope to make a very bad memory for one of my fur babies so this will stop!
Stay tuned!
(Bill and I laughed thinking about a cat careening through the house with the contact paper flying along with it, meowing all  way!  )
And lastly, I received a nice little package from Missouri Quilt Co-pins, scissors, measuring tape and a modern print fat quarter for the price of shipping!
I love a sweet deal!
They are a great company to buy from!


                                            And we're off to a good start on the circled quilt.
  I had a few mis-stitches on the first row but I have my pattern now I think.
Those blank circles are calling me.......
I'll let you know what I work out!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Got Yer Back

 I like to use my leftover(s) blocks on the back of my quilts for added interest.
I tackled the pile of tops today.  These were small lap quilts and pretty straight forward.
 I like the horizontal setting as it is easier to load on the frame also.
 I didn't want to waste any of the bridges and lighthouse blocks I collected on the Shop Hop.
I put my least favorite blocks on the back so they could still be included.
I used a few strips of leftover fabric to separate the blocks and sewed them together.
                                     After trimming, I cut the backing apart to add the blocks.
                 And added the 'new' adjusted strip back into the place for the souped up backing!
                                                  Now it goes from, "ehh" to "yeah!"

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Yes, I am liking the way things are looking around here........!