Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Holding Pattern

 During the morning, it looks like this!
I have the two boys this week.... 
 One of the ladies my Mom knows was saying she needed to make a quilt block for a grandson's wedding but she was clueless on how to make a block.  
Mom volunteered to help her out.
So we made a butterfly block for her to send out!
Easy when you know what you are doing!
 In the afternoon when little one is down for his nap, I get to do some knitting!
This is the Hap for Harriet shawl.
Will is getting to do this!
We are both ready for some slow time in the afternoons!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

New Digs and Dogs!

 Caleb and Cassandra are buying their first home!
 The house is brand new and their neighbors are even newer than they are!
 See what I mean!?
 After our tour, we went back to their home for lunch and then over to the beach for a visit!
This was the first time my parents have been to the beach this winter!
 The kids didn't take too long to get ready to head over there-they love the wide open space and to be able to be as loud as the ocean!
Caleb taught me how to find shark's teeth on the beach and he gave me an assignment today, too.
You have to look at sand like this-
 to find a little tooth like this!
(Mine is the one on the right-the one only 1/4" in size-the big one is Caleb's! 
 He has hundred's!
 On the way, I finished Will's fitted socks.  The color is pretty true here.
Will said this picture wasn't good, I needed to have them on his feet!
 So I take this picture and again, he isn't satisfied.
He says this is better.....

...but they need to be modeled-his words.
Well, I have to admit, he is right.  
This is a MUCH better picture than my ideas!

(The yarn is WanderingCatYarns, Alley Cat base and the I Wanna be a Cowboy colorway,
size 2.5mm needles over 48 stitches)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Knitting Stash?

Every time I open this end table to look for a needle or magazine,
 I have this adorable helper to fill my space.
And I love it!
Little Lena is growing up!
I was given a very large garbage bag of balls of acrylic yarn.
I almost said no but then I thought it would make a good scrap afghan for a nursing home resident.
Here I go!
(I haven't crocheted in ages and now I have two projects in as many months!)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

For the Record-

A Hap for Harriet by Kate Davies.
A new shawl on the needles.  
#7 needles and the over-dyed hand-spun Shetland yarn. 
This is consolation knitting....  
 Goodbyes are horrible on every level.
My Son and his family have left for home today.
 I am very grateful for the time we shared during their visit in spite of the joys of sick little girls-the stomach bug came all the way from Washington to share this visit!
I so loved the 'in person' snuggles and books and laughs; 
 while Skype connects us the rest of the year, 
this was SO much sweeter....

We didn't get to do everything we had planned on but thoroughly enjoyed being together for golf cart rides, pool time and sharing the kids.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Good Head Topper

Yarn from the stash, Lion Brand Wool Ease, in worsted weight on #8 needles.
The pattern is called Dad's Hat.
A fast and relaxing knit with an easy cable panel.
What more could you ask for in a hat?
Bedtime privileges.....
They think I am just reading to them but actually, I am getting long snuggles!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Little Socks

When Will saw me knitting with this yarn for my own socks, he mentioned that he needed grandma socks because he didn't fit in his anymore!  
I like the way the colors show up in the smaller size-48 stitches for his size 9 feet.
I made a cardboard pattern for his foot
 so I could make him some fitted socks now that he is older.
On to making this one's pair!

Monday, March 20, 2017

2017-One Quarter Down

I started this little teddy bear sweater before Christmas, I think, and pulled it out while looking for something else and thought I should finish it!
It only took a few hours to make it a done deal.
The instructions are written for a sweater in four pieces in the flat.
I had to ramp it up a bit by knitting it top down in one piece, of course!  lol
It worked!
We started out chilly at 42F today but will be heating up to a delicious 82F !
That is a great way to celebrate the Vernal Equinox!
Happy Spring to you!

Holding Pattern

 During the morning, it looks like this! I have the two boys this week....   One of the ladies my Mom knows was saying she needed t...