Sunday, April 7, 2024


The MQAL from January is finally on the frame!
I made quick work of it because 
I only have two more rows to go and it will time to bind it!
I also found a pattern I want to make with the layer cake--
--two 2 1/2' slices off each side,
cut them in half and shuffle it up to make some new blocks!
This is just a bit of play with the first slices and will not stay in this arrangement but you can see how the blocks just tip back and forth to make rows!
And the rest of the blocks are sliced and diced
 and ready for me to play on the design wall!


  1. That’s like a fun twist on the old rail fence pattern! The MQAL is such striking quilt. -Marsel

  2. Slicing and dicing is such a fun part of quilting!

  3. Red, white, and blue always makes a STUNNING quilt. Have fun playing with all your blocks.

  4. Whoa.....I had no idea that quilt was so big. How amazing it that? I love making those random slice and dice patterns but I always get bogged down trying to manipulate the color placement which I know I shouldn't be doing but I just can't stop myself. It kind of defeats the whole purpose.

  5. Such a pretty, pretty quilt. It's really big. I like the idea of slicing and dicing. No way to do it wrong, just find an arrangement that satisfies you.

  6. Playing with colors --- so much fun in whatever craft!

  7. Great job getting the military quilt along done. I collected the directions and would like to make one...but ... I have too many projects started. I need to finish a few before I go wild starting... or not.


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