Friday, September 12, 2008


So much of the 8 hours of work today doesn't show up in pictures! The men leveled and secured all of the I haven't counted them but I will tomorrow.
Then they started putting up the plywood on the garage walls. They weren't working in the dark, I took the picture too late this evening!

Last night, Bill took out the old, gnarled cedar tree that was too close to the house.
Ta Da!
I had a dyeing day............more fabric for a wall hanging,

and some more sock yarn-this one in deep red and brown for me.

Bling wanted to be included in the inspector line-up.


  1. See, guy textiles and girl textiles. Same smile all around!

  2. I *want* to comment, I really do, but every time I come here there's all these men and noisy machines and I just get all anxious and sensory-overloadish. You are a brave, brave woman...

    How you manage to get anything done with all that going on, I can't imagine. You are definitely a superwoman!

    (You must have a lot of chocolate on hand)

  3. When will the construction project be finished?? Or is that like asking when will you be finished sewing?? I love your sock yarn. I think it will go with MY Cotton Blossoms quilt. ;)


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