Monday, September 8, 2008

Some Skin on the Sticks!

Today the men ended up working on the south end again, putting up the plywood over the shell of 2 x 6's.

Bill's job was to put all the nails in the hurricane straps........he is going to feel those shoulder muscles tonight! He also got sunburned; all in a good days work.
This is the washers and bolt that has to be all around the foundation. Another of Bill's responsiblilities. (Oops! See my shadow?!)

The trusses also arrived! Ahead of schelule even! Load one is for the garage.

Load 2 is for the south side addition and the breezeway. See how they unload it-it just slides down the rollers as the truck bed tips up!

This is one of 2 compressers that run the whole time the men are working the nail guns. It is loud and one of the main reasons the cats stay indoors the whole time the guys are working!
As soon as the men leave, out go the furry inspectors. Tom is checking out their work to be sure it is up to his standards.

Now that Bill's socks are done, I am knitless. I wasn't up to starting a new project so I resorted to pulling the alpaca shawl from the naughty corner (to coin a phrase from a blog friend!)
I fudged my way through the 400 stitches (half of the row count) of the 'row of error' and just picked up and continued knitting. I now have little jump rings to mark the pattern repeats-live and learn. If I was entering it in the knitted shawl of the year, it would fail. If I want a beautiful shawl for my own pleasure, it wins. I can live with the fruit of my labors. (See the Good n Plenty is my reward for each 1/4 row. If I waited for one candy at the end of each row , I wouldn't knit-too many stitches so I get mini rewards. Knitter; know thyself!)


  1. Cool to see it going up and heading toward closed in. And all the hurricane straps and bolts and stud connectors are quite an object lesson, in that they don't consist of all that much, but because they bind everything together into one piece, the whole structure fights the storms of life together. Likewise, with families, and churches, and countries. Marsel would say I'm pontificating, but so be it. Regardless, it's exciting to see the progress. I'd love to be there hammering nails and getting sore myself.

    Pontifex Maximus

  2. So many of the details I post for David, but yes, we all benefit from the details, don't we! i love your pontificating as long as it is brief! (good observation!)

  3. Great building progress.

    Good to see that your cat lies on WIPs. Our Tom lies on clothes left discarded on the bed but never the ones on the floor!


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