Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rest for the Weary

Bill got the mowing in this morning and then the rains began. He gave up working outside and slept in his easy chair this afternoon....isn't that what happens the minute golf comes on tv?!

I did some cleaning outside this morning and discovered this under the chair cushion when I brought them in from the rain........... When the rain hit, I went in and sewed! It wasn't a hard decision! I finished the mystery tote that Mom, Marsel and I have been doing. I will look forward to the next challenge we can share.
Bill ran to the store earlier and came home with this.........he had tried to buy me a rose and they were out. Instead of coming home empty-handed, he brought me this! Oh, it is love.
I lumped with a book on the couch the rest of the evening........Saturdays are nice days.


  1. nothing better than an snowball : )
    Love the basket and the alpaca in the previous post. Spinning alpaca is such a pleasure

  2. Cute, lovely, and yum, in that order.

    Enjoy your company -- we sure enjoyed them!

  3. I've not seen pink snowballs before. Ours are chocolate-coated with white coconut - can't think why they're called snowballs unless the coconut is supposed to be snow on the ground! But then, they're not snowballs, are they?


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