Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Look!


While putting the new porch rafters in where they have to cut into the old roof........a board got dropped and it almost came through the livingroom ceiling........hazards of the job. It didn't come through all the way and gratefully it will be easy to fix!
Yeah, right-here is a totally staged 'work' picture of me . I am holding the nail gun, though!
This is Bill really at work-we need tons of those hurricane straps though after watching on tv the devastation that hurricanes brings, I am not so sure they will stop a strong hurricane from doing its best... or worst!

The windows and doors were delivered today!
It is so exciting to see the daily progress-can you feel my yahoo's!

The plywood is on the front porch roof and the tar paper is on most of the rest of the roof-inspection tomorrow and then the metal roof can be installed!

Mom and Dad are here for a visit for a few weeks. Mom brought down a completed top that I am going to quilt for her.
(It looks blue in the pic but it is light and medium lavender- really pretty! )
Today we had a field trip to the new JoAnns in Daytona Beach. This is the fabric purchase for a mystery tablerunner Mom, Marsel and I are going to do.
We had so much fun with the mystery tote bag that we wanted to do another group project!


  1. Definitely "yahoo", as you pointed out!

  2. Hey, I'm good with a nailgun! It's sort of like a sewing machine for stiffer fabric!


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