Friday, September 26, 2008

What Can Brown do For You?!

I have some finished roof on the garage! Isn't it pretty?! It is called cocoa brown-for this chocolate lover, it is the perfect color!

My Dad got into the construction mode and cleaned up the yard today. He pulled nails from usable boards and loaded up the junk to haul away. I have a front yard again! Thanks, Dad!

Mom and I finished up all the requirements on my quilt; storage sack, label, hanging sleeve, no loose threads and no cat hair! It is all ready to go to the quilt show next week. I am feeling a bit nervous but not regretting the decision to enter it...................yet! Thanks for the help, Mom!

Look at the new blooms on Mom and Dad's cactus-we have never seen such a bloom-it looks like a big starfish! All the buds are big and hollow--it is a work of art! Do you know what kind of cactus this is? We don't!


  1. Wow on the house -- hooray on the quilt and its traveling suit -- and weird but amazing on the cactus! Odd how its pod looks like a conch and its bloom like a starfish...but it's very cool!

  2. A very unusual cactus indeed!

    All the best for the quilt show!

  3. the cactus is actually called a starfish cactus(Stapelia gigantea). As I recall, the flower really smells awful. I had one years ago--think I gave your Mom a piece of it. Good luck with the quilt. Sharon

  4. Sharon-thanks for solving the mystery! Dad said he thought someone gave him a piece but he couldn't remember who-it is thriving here and gratefully, we didn't smell it so avoided that privilege!

  5. Great progress on the house! That must be exciting to see. Exciting too to have your quilt all packed up and ready to go. When is the quilt show??
    Strange cactus. Isn't God's creation just amazing??? I think so!


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