Friday, September 5, 2008

Framing and Fiber

The men have spent 2 days doing prep work and that is not so photographic.

Bill has put his truck to work getting extra supplies at Home Depot--I came out with the camera right after he finished unloading the truck bed!

Today as they worked, the fruit of their labors yielded measureable results. Look, I have walls! Well, sort of.........

Hannah sent a bit of drizzle all day, but no wind so the men worked right through the mist.
Bill is working for us to help cut costs, so he gets bossed around, too. Nailing the hurricane straps was his responsiblity this morning.
By day's end this is what they accomplished!

Yesterday, I was gifted this-------> baby alpaca fiber......ooooooh, it is so soft!

I stayed in most of the morning and did a bit of this (crowns for the kids made on the embellisher machine)

and this for Molly, their cat; felt toys with some alpaca sticking out for her to attack!

and this; step three on the mystery tote-added the borders, sewed the two sides together at bottom and quilted the outer section.

Still knitting the rib on Bill's sock-I am so tired at night time that I am not knitting at all just holding it . I am feeling better each day and so I am not discouraged. Some of our bromeliads are in bloom-aren't they tropical looking?!

Speaking of tropical-see the baby hibiscus do its thing.

This beauty is for the kids.........David and Abigail, can you identify it?!


  1. Aggghhhhh -- you have a room!!! SO EXCITING! I love the look on Dad's face as he's wielding the sledgehammer -- happiness is!

    The kids will love their crowns, and Molly will surely not be able to resist a good romp with her toys -- I will take pictures of all when they arrive.

    I need to hurry on my bag -- you and Grandma are racing ahead...oh, but it's very pretty, by the way!

  2. Hi..thanks for your posting. Your right I am enjoying my time with my MIL.
    Love your Blog..and Wow..what a great room your going to have. Envy you..way to go.
    Hope your feeling better after your surgery.
    Judi B.
    Stitches and Hooves


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