Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

In honor of the day, I labored; I did laundry, dishes and a little bit of cooking-a macaroni salad to mark the day. It was good to feel like moving around again. It didn't take too long to move even slower and then to move to sitting!
So, I sat........ and sewed the mystery tote blocks together!

Then I went from sitting to reclining and did a bit of this.........coming right along. I watched some older episodes of Agagtha Christie's Miss Marple from Masterpiece Theater my daughter shared with me for just this occasion! Perfect idea!

After lunch I gave up the sitting and just laid on the couch to watch tv and read the new Keepsake Quilting Catalog! Ahhhhhhhhhhh, down was good again!

The cats are still a bit suspicious of the new cement out front...Tom just sees more lounging room but Bling doesn't like the cat.

Bill did a ton of mowing, and is out again this evening doing some landscaping out front where the men dug the footers and left piles of sand. He is also moving cars so that we are all ready to receive the lumber order tomorrow morning! Yipeee!

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