Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Building, Knitting and Quilting

I wound the newest batch of dyed yarn and began the knitting. I am using the Monkey socks pattern from but since I am making toe-up socks the pattern is upside down but still lovely.

It is moving right along!
I also finished Millie's king-sized pinwheel quilt. Bill helped me hang it for the pic this morning before the men got here!

There were many firsts in this project and I learned so much! I used a different thread (Sulky embroidery thread), a different panto( that I had to redraw to fit the blocks better),

and I did some free-motion quilting to match the panto-all a delight every step of the way.

Bill is feeling new muscles........or old muscles in a new way! Lot's of ladder work and doing the roofing puts a zing in those calf muscles!

He had to get some more lumber........he turned a few heads with this load! So glad we have the truck!

The front eaves are getting torn down this morning to make room for the veranda.


  1. So cool -- it looks "realer and realer"!!!

  2. It's very cool. Very cool. And it's good to have a new garage. And a new porch. And a new exercising room. And I love Grandpa and Grandma Minota.

    Love, David

  3. That garage looks like a great place for me to live, as long as you keep that mean cat out of the way. What do you think?


  4. The socks are beautiful. I love the color of the yarn.

    And I'm enjoying the on-going story of your home expansion. Can't believe how fast it is happening. Construction just does not move so rapidly in our little island paradise.

  5. Whew! They sure are moving quickly on your build, aren't they? Bill's going to have the body of an athlete if he keeps this up!


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