Tuesday, September 9, 2008

North Side Progress

I dug in our storage garage today-and baked like I was in an oven-but found the right boxes I needed for a new project. I want to do a felted purse with my embellisher machine; using wool fabric not knitting it. I found my wool stash and had lots of dreamy colors I had forgot about! I emptied 4 boxes and tossed out a lot of stuff I wondered why I saved, and found homes for everything in the sewing room. I even found a UFO that I will try to finish; a hooked rug. All the colors and materials were still together so I can do it.

Ahhhhhh, cookies for the men. They begin at 7 am and have to call it quits around 3-4 because they are exhausted working in the heat (still in the 90's). The have snacks around 9:30 so they enjoyed this treat. (peanut butter/choc chip)
Bill finished drilling and nailing on the south side. he is wearing the hat and glasses because he got a nasty sunburn yesterday.

Here is the pneumatic nail gun he has been hefting .

See the nails? He loads them like bullets in a machine gun! (Not technically but it look likes it to me......)

Look at this garage! The men were all admiring the big area and the high ceiling(think warehouse!) It is the garage of Bill's dreams.

Say goodbye to the hummingbird feeder; the busy little birds have all flown south (Central America) and the feeder is abandoned. We miss the little guys........


  1. Mr. Caucasian Yankee Boy,

    When outside all day south of the Mason Dixon line wear sunscreen, all the cancer centers in the strip malls aren't just there by coincidence...

    I like your nail gun. When you reload it do you make 'war movie' sound effects in your head? I would if it was mine.

  2. Mrs. M.,

    Please do NOT make a wool hand bag without spending six months of your life knitting or trying to avoid knitting it. As long as it took me to finish mine I really don't think it would be fair for you to whip one up in one or two days and have it look 3 times as nice as my 6 mo. bag.

    Got any cookies left?


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