Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wooling and Roofing

Today is a Fibery Red Letter Day! I received my Ashford drumcarder ! I will use it to make the raw wool fluffy for spinning, and also to blend different types of wool together for spinning.

So this raw alpaca (fawn colored wool) and this merino cross roving (dk brown) combine to make
this fluffy cloud of fiber is called a batt.
I then take the batt and stretch it out to make a long rope called a roving ;
now I spin it or store it--well store it after I sample some spinning!

My husband is quite the joker........this is what he thought the batt was good for! He wanted me to say that this is beard and he isn't going to shave any more--yeah, my Rip Van Willie! I would love it if he grew this kind of beard!

Earlier in the day, he was all business. Here he is attaching the anchor bolts for the front porch support beams.

The men finished putting the plywood on the back and replaced the soffet boards on the eavres of the old part of the house.
Earlier in the day when it rained for a bit, I got some knitting in........turned the heel and started up the leg. What do you think I will be doing this evening..........?


  1. Tell the mountain man we said thanks for the laugh!

  2. Ewwwwww to that bearded man! HILLBILLY!! Hey I almost got some fresh alpaca wool for you. One stepped out in the road in front of me the other day. :0 We are both safe but alas, no alpaca wool for you. Love the red sock. :D

  3. I think he looks quite good in a beard, actually!

    Don't you love the carder? What a wonderful tool!

    My mom says 'You and your gadgets!" It's funny, I wouldn't have thought of knitting and spinning as being gadget-heavy pursuits, but as I look at my table (carder, ball winder, swift, scale, yardage counter) and my TV Chair (spinning wheel, baskets, lazy kate, large tin full of needles, hooks, row counters, and several measuring tools), when I look at my books and at my 'wish list' for things I'd love to buy 'when I have the funds', I realize she might have a point...

    Which quilt did you enter? Will you report the results, when they come in?

    Good luck!!


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