Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Week

I have a new quilt on the neighbor, Millie, has been piecing up a storm and needs to get them through their final step -machine quilting! She has done the smaller ones on her own sewing machine (using a walking foot) but it isn't easy to do such a large one that way. She had asked me when I first started using my frame in March, if I would do it for her but I just didn't have the skills; I am ready to try it now. We loaded her king-sized quilt on my frame Saturday. The loading was so much easier with a friend! I worked a bit on Sat. and quite a bit today and all I have left to do are the two side borders. Just love to do the quilting thing!
This is still just sitting and bringing beauty to the room. I will wind it up into 2 balls (for socks)tonight while we watch football!

Bill spent the day doing this....... nailing some more hurricane straps but this time from the ladder-just to add a bit of variety to his day!

The men were putting up plywood on the walls and roof. The worked in 94 degrees of sunshine today......needless to say, they go through a lot of water! The stats for inquiring minds=they covered 16 of the 45 trusses on the roof!
We have been without rain for a week again and so Bill needs to do this again, too.

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  1. Shows how big that garage is when Dad looks small up there!!! It's coming along so well!

    I love the colors in Millie's quilt. Glad you guys have been having fun with it.


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