Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ready to Roof

Finished up some of the roof prep work; put the entry peak back on;
framed the garage door opening.
The guys had their roof work inspected this morning so now they can start to put the metal roofing on! The delivery came this morning bringing the sheets on site.
Also, the partitions went up for the spare bedroom, closets, master bedroom and bathroom-it is good to see it go from paper to full size! (looking from the bedroom toward the front of the house)
I am spinning up the alpaca that I have carded; I am on the second bobbin-yarn coming soon!
Turned the heel on the second sock-heading for the third corner of this last lap now.


  1. Wow -- she's starting to look pretty!

  2. Finn says, "I go there." He recognized the picture of the front of the house.

    I can't wait to see how it's all laid out.

  3. It's beginning to look like a different place - wow!

  4. How exciting to see a new home going up. We did a major remodel 5 years ago & still aren't finished. Seems it never ends.

    I love Alpaca wool. btw, it's sooo soft!


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