Monday, July 15, 2013

G is for Garden (my Dad's!)

 I am behind on this week's entry but travel will do that to you.....We will take a belated tour of some of the highlights from  my Dad's yard.  July is a great time to visit Central NY!
This is a new Hydrangea bush.
 I forgot what these are called.....Mom, help me out when you read this to Dad!
 Two kinds of fluffy blooms here...
 A hollyhock of the most beautiful , deep, almost black, purplish red bloom!
It looks like velvet!

(I am going to post date this to keep it in line with future posts!  Here is the link to the main blog for more entries and links!)


  1. The first one is pink blaze and the other is purple drum sticks. I am missing you real bad. Love, Mom


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