Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sunny Face

 Look at the cheery face that greeted me this sunny morning!
There was a stalk of  five buds but the frost took all but the bottom one.
 This King Orchid is from a plant that I thinned two years ago
and it did not take well to the transplanting!
It has forgiven my tampering and given a bloom!
I've gotten a lot of boring stuff done
 (bills paid, tax papers sorted, house cleaned, boys chased!)
but I did finish two of the Garter Twist Dishcloths!


  1. What a beautiful bloom! We are still waiting for spring up here but things are slowly starting to flower. I hear the cherry blossoms are starting to do their thing in spite of the wind and cold. Snow again this weekend? I hope not.

  2. Beautiful orchid.

    I DO miss having my orchids, but I don't think they would do very well up here. Can you believe we are expecting SNOW again on Saturday???? Weird winter for sure .... it just DOESN'T want to give up! LOL

  3. Orchids remind me of my high school prom and how special it was to wear a single orchid corsage. I haven't thought about that in a long time.

  4. What a pretty stitch! Might have to use that in the Diva's afghan.

  5. I've been enjoying seeing what stitches you come up with for your dishcloths. Am curious what yarn you use. I have been very disappointed with Sugar 'n Cream the past few years-- ever since Peaches 'n Cream and Sugar 'n Cream merged... yarn seems too heavy/loosely spun and colors fade rapidly.

  6. Orchid blooms are so neat. We have never had luck with them. Boring? NO! Dishcloths rock it every time. Maybe that is what I should be doing as my brain And dishcloths get used around here a LOT!

  7. Nice to see the orchid doing its thing again! Hooray!


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