Saturday, August 18, 2018

And She Hand Knits 2

I cast on the Malaga Tank and enjoyed knitting an inch before falling asleep a few nights ago.
the next night when I was ready to knit another inch...
I was having trouble smoothing out the 2" under the needle.
then I realized I had made a very rookie mistake
of twisting my join for the tank and I had to rip it all out.
then I knit the same inch over and tried to catch up the second inch!
I have had a half an hour each afternoon this week to knit
while I sit in the car in line waiting for school to get out
to pick up BoyWonder.
I have 10" now under the needle and am ready to start to increase the shaping
stitches back to the full amount again.
I wasn't happy with my SSK stitches in the very smooth yarn
and now that I have worked my last decreases,
I have found 
(probably the right way to do it and I have done it wrong all these years)
but it looks good and I feel good about that.
I am not going to rip back to correct the other decreases!
I keep thinking how much quicker this would knit on the machine
but I am enjoying just knitting round and round
since this first week of school has used up a lot of brain cells.
this is a good knit project for me for now!


  1. Glad you are back on the right track. The little sheep stitch marker is adorable!

  2. Ah yes, I've twisted the join a few times, too. It's frustrating. I discovered a few years ago that I'd been doing the yarn over wrong for more than twenty years, gheesh!

  3. I've done the twisted thing a gazillion times. Now I either weight it down with clips or knit back and forth til I can trust myself with the join.

  4. Don't you just hate rookie mistakes. You'd think we'd be past all that but noooooooo.......

  5. I think twisting a join isn't only a rookie mistake! I've knitted for decades (makes me feel very old:) - and it still happens every now and then. maybe because I think I am well past that?:)anyway, I find it so much easier to knit by hand than setting up a machine (and the noise... and lack of space...) that I'll probably even keep knitting sock blanks by hand......


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