Friday, August 10, 2018

Throw Your Hat In!

 Another baby hat-this one out of sport weight yarn on the new knitting machine,
it has a  x 1 rib at the brim, 
The yarn split something awful but other than that,
the lessons I have been learning were successful!
 Notes are essential because while you are doing the actual knitting,
you cannot measure the fabric on the machine; 
the weights stretch everything beyond reality so you have to rely on your
gauge swatches.
For example, I doubted my numbers and stopped 8 rows short of what I had planned
and when I seamed the hat up-
sure enough,  it is one inch too short!
I am happy with what I learned today.
More tomorrow.
Each night I try to add to the Mystical Lanterns pile.
Sometimes I only manage one, other nights I can manage 2-3.
They add up either way.
And remember the lavender/blue and yellow silk from a few months ago?
That is carried around in my purse for out-and-about knitting
because you just never know when you need to pull out some patience!


  1. "Pulling out patience" - I like that a lot!! You are going to have a big old pile of hats in no time!!

  2. Cute hat! I usually tend to over knit my stuff and then have to rip out. But I have been known to stop short a few times, like you, because I doubt my calculations. Leanring to trust our knitting is a hard lesson.

  3. Those crochet pieces are beautiful. I can't wait to see what they become.

  4. You are making me double down on learning how to crochet. I love all those mandelas I see on Rav, and I think learning granny squares is a good way to start.

  5. Sweet hat and the crochet is just lovely! I'm going to borrow "you never know when you are going to need some patience".

  6. Love that idea ------ pull some patience out of my purse. I will definitely be thinking of that next time my teeth are set on edge by someone.

  7. ach, I still have to start on the mystical lanters! no idea, where I put the pattern, though maybe I should finish the granny square blanket first that I started ages ago? or I'll end up with another ufo in the corner! it's not so warm anymore, so no excuses for not getting the woolly stuff out:)


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