Thursday, October 25, 2018

Aha! Another Sweater Finish!

 Invariance cardigan is off the needles and all the yarn ends are woven in
and all it needs is some buttons, 8 to be exact!  
I did have enough yarn to lengthen the sleeves from 3/4 to full 
but I decided that I will get more use out  of it like this in my climate.
Also, since this is knit of pima cotton/tencel, it is heavier than wool
so it does not need the extra weight.
 The back has just the V and not the X of the pattern but I like the extra detail like this much better.
There is a bit of reverse stockinette in the V area which is a nice detail on the back.

This was a good pattern with only one area with errata; 
 and no reference to correct it anywhere I could find!
It did not tell you how many stitches to pick up along the front bands
 as all the instructions say to pick up for the neck edge as their first sentence!  
I merely used the 3/4 rule (pick up 3 stitches for every 4 rows)
 and the ribbed bands lay very flat 
and do not pull in the sweater fronts which is the goal!
I also used this rule for the neck edge for success there also.
This was a top down construction
 and except for having to haul it back and forth for the sleeves
which I improved by using the magic needle method
 so I could switch the sleeve forward and back
instead of having to move the whole sweater for each round!

A KnitPicks pattern, Invariance
KnitPicks yarn, Shine (Pima Cotton/Tencel blend)
#4/5 needles


  1. You are certainly on a roll! That one is very pretty. I love the lace details.

  2. Well done! The "V" on the back is attractive. I can't imagine having an "X" there.

  3. Another fabulous finish! I generally prefer a 3/4 length sleeve. Otherwise, I'm always rolling them up

  4. That came out beautifully. I really like the little v detail on the back too. That is the perfect yarn for your climate.

  5. Very pretty and the V detail on the back is just lovely. You are on a roll!!!

  6. Here is hoping for some lovely cool weather so you can wear your beauties!

  7. Love it! Your sweater kick is making me jealous! And also making me look for my next me sized sweater pattern. Likely color work since I have a burning desire to do some right now.

  8. It looks really wonderful. Great color and you will love wearing it

  9. Pretty! You will really enjoy the new wardrobe addition this winter, I’m sure!


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