Sunday, October 21, 2018

Saturday's Sewing

 The Starry Splendor leftovers are now in their own quilt top!
36" x 42"  
I would've loaded it onto the frame if I had a large enough piece for the backing!
Another day.
 I added another three blocks to the Summer Blooms.
I am wondering if I will break the large quilt the kit designed or break it up into lap sized quilts.
Either way, I will have to keep stitching these blocks for quite a while!
 Do you see what we spotted on a recent tour of the acreage?
Maybe a bit of a zoom in will help!
It is an indigo racer;  a young one , less than one half of his adult size, measuring only 3'.
It is non-poisonous and will hunt and eat several of its poisonous neighbors
so a nice one to spot on a hike!  
(Once you're heart rate drops back to normal after being startled by a snake!)


  1. no, not startled by a snake - probably because there aren't any here, so my instinct isn't honed about snakes:) I find snakes fascinating, but then my "contact" with them is only via tv or in zoos etc.... that would probably be very different if I might find one in the garden!we might not have tropical flowers here - but we don't have poisonous insects, snakes etc. either.can't win them all:)

  2. If I ever get around to that quilt I was thinking of making it smaller too. I can't wrestle big ones anymore.

  3. Snakes and spiders are NOT on my list of favorite critters. I imagine your climate has a lot of both. Nice job on completing the top and sewing more blocks.

  4. Loved reading about the process on the previous post, and now the finished top today!, Eek on the snake, shudder. What does persimmon and pineapple jam taste like?

  5. That brown border fabric is just perfect for that top quilt.

    We used to have an indigo snake that came for a regular visit to our front porch in Orlando. I didn't much like when he ate the mockingbird's eggs :::sad face:::, but I sure liked how he kept the buggies and mice away.

  6. Love your "leftover" quilt! I do like it when I have enough leftovers to make another one :) Makes me feel like it is a "free" quilt!! xx

  7. That's a good snake to have around, but looks a lot like a water moccasin, those are not good to have around at all. Love your quilts.

  8. Lovely!

    We don't get many snakes around here, so it's a treat for me to find one on a hike. If course, we only have one venomous snake (massassauga rattler) and they are very rare, and very shy.

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  10. I appreciate what the good snakes do but I still don’t like to look at them! I shudder now to think how we used to carry them home in our shirts! 🤢


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