Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Slow Stitches.....

Not much to show but I am almost finished 
with the ribbing on the sweater.
I added the grout to the birdbath and now I am waiting for it to dry enough to
wipe off the layer on the tile surface
leaving the fill between tiles to set for several days.
I am pleased with the join between new and old;
it turned out almost seamlessly!
And look-
a magazine for Machine Knitters!
(It came from the UK so all the ads are
interesting but not local!
And all the yarn weights need to be translated for me (yay for Google!)
but I love to see how they design,
tackle and accomplish ideas!

You should, if you don't!
They talk about the Shetland Wool Fest on the latest episode
and even touch on the use of Machine Knitting in the history of the Islands!


  1. The birdies are going to LOVE their refreshed bird bath. It's beautiful.

    On Sunday I'll have a new blog. The blog address is
    I hope you'll come join me there next week.

  2. How fun to find a machine knitting magazine. I know you'll find all kind of tips and tricks in it.

  3. I thought of your mosaics when I broke the ceramic pumpkin. If I couldn't get it back together she was going to be something. I'd hate to have to learn a new craft but she wasn't going in the trash!

  4. the birdbath looks as good as new! and I do sometimes listen to fruity knitting, but only if they feature a very interesting knitwear designer, like norah gaughan or lucy hague... I can only do it up here, in front of the computer - not the most comfy place to knit or spin:)

  5. Pretty sweater and the birdbath looks wonderful! How cool that you found that magazine.

  6. Your sweater is looking wonderful.. almost done :) I just love your bird bath, it's so pretty!!! You're very clever :) xx

  7. I watched the podcast hoping it would lull me back to sleep, but then I got too interested to go back to sleep! It was worth the watch just to listen to the beautiful accents, not to mention the lovely knits. Nice to see the birdbath nearing its full glory again.


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