Friday, October 26, 2018

New Cast ON!

 While the name is uninteresting, the new sweater cast on has gone smoothly
 and with much interest right from the onset!
I'm using a pima cotton/wool blend yarn from Webs
called Granville for this pullover sweater!
 Outside we have some interesting things going on, too!
My redbud tree is losing its leaves and the buds are coming on!
This is crazy because a redbud tree is like a dogwood tree or a forsythia bush
 in that it gets its flowers before it grows its leaves....not after!  
 The roselle flowers are just coming out!  No sweet smells but the bees seem to love them, too!
(another flower in the hibiscus family)
 The angel trumpet has produced a real beauty of a bloom!
These are quite large and showy but without an aroma to humans!


  1. I have never seen those blooms before. The angel trumpet is really unusual-and beautiful.

  2. Those are new blooms to me as well! Except the red bud. That's like my apple tree blooming a year ago (October 2017) - and then hardly any blooms this spring and almost no apples!! Your flowers are gorgeous.

  3. Lovely blooms and sweater beginning.

  4. No new sweater for me, just a new afghan square. Only 2 more to go and then I am ready to finish off the 2 afghans in progress! Then I can do a sweater? No, hats, I must finish off the 52 Challenge on my has!!

  5. Wow. Your purple sweater cast on is as lovely as a flower. I love the angel trumpet!

  6. Oooooooooooo....that purple is so luxurious.

  7. Another dark yarn — you are being very brave! Do you work on something else in the evening or do you just work by feel at that point?! The flowers are gorgeous.


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