Monday, October 8, 2018

Trying it Out!

In honor of Columbus Day, I am on a discovery journey!
I'm trying my hand at a stitch pattern on the knitting machine;  it is called Tuck Stitch.
It kind of mimics double seed stitch when viewed on the right side.
  I want to make another child's sweater using this stitch but it does change the gauge I had worked out so it will take another try to get it to come out to the right size!
Since it is a pretty easy stitch, I won't mind trying it again.  
That said, I did get off pattern halfway up and so I will have to make sure
 I write down where I am and not trust it to memory next time I get interrupted!
  Tuck Stitch does  cause the knitting to be shorter than planned 
which will mean a bit of refiguring the math
 but that's all part of the learning curve!
I hope to have a cute sweater by the end of the week if I can get the boys healthy again-
Will is sick again and I will be sitting in the doctor's office for hours today!

(remember the orange is just waste yarn and not part of the finished sweater)


  1. That is a pretty stitch and will make a durable sweater. Sorry to hear that Will is sick.

  2. Cute pattern.

    Hope Will is feeling better soon.

  3. It is a lovely stitch. Im sorry about the sick little one. It is that time of year for kids. Your machine success is wonderful!

  4. Isn't that something!!! It really is a pretty stitch pattern.

  5. Wet cool texture. Hugs to Will!

  6. “Very”...not “wet.” Helpful autocorrect strikes again!!! 😖

  7. Swatch swatch swatch. There are many tuck stitch patterns. they all make the fabric shorter and wider. Most look best on the purl side.


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