Monday, October 15, 2018

Playing Outside

 We're taking care of our neighbor's pets....look at her beautiful rain tree!
 And this confederate rose has no smell  :'(   but these 8' tall stalks sure make a statement!
These blooms related to hibiscus,  only last one day; 
 they are white in morning, pink in the afternoon and deep red by evening!
How cool is that!
 Just outside the doorway is this large Argiope spider and web!  It is a zipper spider or writing spider
 because of this large 'zipper' in the middle of the web.
 After taking care of the dog and cat, we took the boys out back of her yard
 (which butts up to our back , back yard which is still under water).  
Bill had made a landbridge to the backside of the dirt pile 
where the boys used to play when we hung out on the pond lawn. 
 Will left a footprint next to raccoon prints-I thought it made an interesting photo!
Bill built this dry 'road' Saturday and already the wild life is making use of it!
(Little boys are not the only ones who like playing on dirt piles!)
 Kings on the hill!
 Oh, the joy of hurling dirt balls into water!
 The water lilies are where the pond used to be before the acreage became a lake.
 It did make beautiful scenery. 
 These will be historic records when the water goes down
 and it will be a distant memory, I hope!
 This is looking toward our home from waaaay out back-see the banana grove?
 On the way home an hour later-we passed this very aromatic clump of white ginger.
The red ginger I have in the front yard grow the beautiful red cones-interesting in their own right 
but the smell of these white ginger blooms is incredible!
We need to grow these outside my bedroom window!
And inside, I have an open orchid bloom!  So cheerful and intricate!

What's of interest just outside your front door?!


  1. That was a fun tour!!! And that spider...oh, my. I'd hate to run into that one. I am always walking through spider webs but our critters are not quite so intimidating.

  2. I'll pass on the spider, thank you! I can't stand even little ones. Love all the blooms in and around your yard.

  3. I see my flower plants starting to go into hibernation. I see maple trees just STARTING to turn red. My pentas are still blooming as are the azaleas (a little bit) and I see cars. Lots and lots of cars on this busy road.

    Is that the same spider they sometimes call a BANANA spider? We had lots of those in our Orlando yard.

  4. Your neighbour has some lovely plants! I love those spiders - we get them here too. They were always my favourites as a kid - the lady spiders get sooooo big! One built a web from the top of the dog house to the corner of the garage. I use to catch flies and throw them in her web for her.

    Outside here, things are getting ready for fall, but we are watching and waiting for our Toad Lilies to open! Any day now.

  5. outside? mostly the neighbour's hungry and smelly dogs:) they beg for treats for hours every day.... and don't smell very nice at all:) and the spider is a bit scary - but at least the big ones are easily visible....

  6. What a fun post. Our maple trees are turning a beautiful deep wine like red. Many of our trees have not turned yet. We had a few days of frost so I brought most of my plants that Im trying to winter over in last week.

  7. Beautiful pictures of your shockingly-changed landscape...I still have a hard time wrapping my head around that! We are enjoying the artistry of our Garden Orb Weaver spiders, who love to use our front porch as their canvas at this time of year! (I do not love their ‘cousins’ as much — the Spiny-backed Orb Weavers — creepy little things that don’t look much like spiders when they huddle in their webs with their legs tucked under them!) My dahlias, lantana, and butterfly bush are still blooming like mad, and my mums are in full glory; the gladiolus are done now (I planted them late this year) and the cosmos and zinnia are tired and brown but still doggedly throwing out their last few blooms. Our trees aren’t turning yet, but we are supposed to start dropping into the 40’s tonight, so that should get things moving! Beautiful time of year, isn’t it?!

  8. I'm not sure about that spider, but I love the rest of the outdoor pics you shared!!! xx


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