Saturday, October 20, 2018

What? She Still Sews?!

 I pulled out the bin with all of the scraps from the Starry Splendor quilt.
The pinwheel blocks are from the flying geese blocks 
and the four patches are from the left over fat quarters.  
The layout on the left are what I laid out first 
(the color arrangement isn't as important in this step as the kind of setting I find that works)
 but I found that they all kind of muddied out and didn't show their shapes!
I added the brown squares to see how that would work-I liked it, so I rearranged a bit-
 and liked the difference in the arrangement but it was too long and narrow!
 Oh, yes, I was feeling like I found what I needed 
and there were no blocks left over or lacking with this layout!!!  
Perfect, I think.
And then I added the borders and sure enough, I have the quilt top
 ready to stitch together another day! 
First I will rearrange the blocks so there are not clumps of colors and then sew the rows.
 (The other border goes on top but I couldn't reach up there!)
I tried something new on the knitting machine!
I only had a few glitches but I am getting quicker on the solution now!
And by the end of the day, I had a pair!
(100% wool DK yarn worked on the LK150)
In the kitchen, I used 10 persimmons
 and 1 fresh pineapple
to make 9 ars of jam.
Bill asks me to make some every year-
and since I am on a roll this year, I gave it a go.
I'm not sure of the outcome but he is happy with the results
and that is all that matters!


  1. You are on a roll, look at all you have accomplished. Do you ever sleep?

  2. The scrappy quilt is so fun! I love those mitts. I can't believe you made them on a machine.
    A friend gave me a handful of persimmons a few years ago and I made a jam with them. It was good. I wish I had thought of adding pineapple. That must have been delish!

  3. It's only 8:3o here and I'm exhausted reading this! So those mitts were made on the machine? Do you ever wear mitts there? What a fun fast project

  4. Isn't it fun to move blocks around to find a pleasing arrangement. I like the end result. Hard to believe the mitts are machine knit - they look great.

  5. Look at you with that jam~! Yum. Do you prefer it with peanut butter? on toast? An english muffin?

  6. Did you grow the persimmons on your property? The jam sure does look pretty in the jars.

  7. Very important to keep the man happy :) I used to make jam a lot.. not so much at this stage of life! xx


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