Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Prickly Plants

 We have several varieties of Century Plants in our yard.
These pictured are several feet high with broad leaves and very sharp tips!
 This one is also very tall with some of the ends curling which is a very pretty feature of this plant,
This one is variegated and very tall with many more of the leaves than the other two.
All are varieties of Agave plants and are a wonderful pop of  prickly in our gardens!


  1. The variety of plants in your yard is impressive.

  2. Oh, good golly!!! That is one scary plant. I couldn't sleep at night knowing that was in my yard. Lol..

  3. Oh how nice to see them thriving . Friends gave us one from their garden. Their marriage failed and the plant never flourished for us either. Yours are amazing

  4. Even greenery is beautiful, isn’t it?! So thankful for a world with so many colors.


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