Monday, October 1, 2018

Another Sweatshirt Sweater!

 The classic sweater for Will is now completed! 
 I hand knit all the ribbing and then seamed it up between naps yesterday.  
This one is a Boy's size 6 and Ethan's is a size 4--the plan is to have a sweater that will fit all winter!  (Ethan tried his on today and didn't want to take it off-until he was so overheated he finally relented!  We were in the 90's still !)  
I will toss both sweaters in the washer and dryer to soften them up and block them-
the best way to block acrylic is to do this; 
 like a quilt which goes off the frame and right into the washer/dryer for its final finishing!
 I like the way the blues-which photographed very differently here than it looks in real life
 (think denim blues--from faded jeans to indigo dark!) 
 Yes, Red Heart did a very good job on the ombres line.
Each sweater was knit with only one skein!
In fact, I bought another skein but in greys to try to knit the body this time all in one piece; 
 from the bottom of the back , up and over the shoulders to the bottom of the front. 
 I have it all worked out in my mind! lol
 This is why you can use waste yarn to start or stop an area to maintain live stitches to pick up later.
This is the bottom of the front, I can clearly see the stitches to pick up in blue .
Once I have all of my body stitches, I snip the two ends of the waste yarn (orange) and pull it off my blue stitches-all ready for me to knit the bottom ribbing!  Very uncomplicated and very efficient!


  1. Nice finish! Using the waste yarn to hold live stitches is a great idea.

  2. I remember my Mom doing a lot of that when I was a kid!

  3. Wow. You did a great job with the shading of theyarn. Cant believe you are so hot. We are damp and cold and I want 80s back for some of OCtober!

  4. Love, love, love the ombre! Those colors will look wonderful on the boys.

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