Sunday, October 28, 2018

No Loafing

I saw a little color on one otf the loofahs so I picked it.
They peel so easily when you do so at this stage.
See all the seeds they carry?!
The loofah will dry out for a few days and then I will 
shake out the seeds to scatter out back. 
I did manage to complete the quilting
and I bound it, too!


  1. Kudos on the quilt finish. Thanks for the loofah photos - interesting.

  2. I had not idea that that is where loofahs came from (midwestern city girl born).

  3. I first discovered that loofas had seeds when one I got from the drugstore hadn't been de-seeded first! I tossed it in the tub, and then spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out where all the seeds came from before I realized!

  4. That loofah is really interesting looking. How long does it take for them to dry out?

  5. I did NOT know that about loofahs.!!! Wow. So cool.

  6. Interesting, I never knew where these loofahs came from!! The quilt is adorable, love the colors, but then I would since I bought the same fabric after seeing your stash!!

  7. That loofah is one crazy plant! The quilt looks so cozy. I just love all those little pinwheels.

  8. Loofahs are very cool. Love the bold colors against the chocolate brown — very pretty.

  9. I find this whole loofah growing just fascinating. I hope you grow many more.


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