Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Little Guy is sick
-all I've done today is clean from his misses-- piles of laundry and  then snuggles!
Be grateful I am only posting pics of the flowers!
The first bloom is open on the Magnolia tree--the scent is heady!
 on the other side of the tree, in the setting sun the tree's burnished undersides look golden instead of rust colored! 
 The humble aloe are all in bloom-
And even the small red hibiscus looks so tropical.
Will is flummoxed that it doesn't smell amazing because 'it is beautiful!'

Are you ready for the last day of the month?!


  1. Oh, no....the joys of being with the little ones. I don't miss that about teaching. I was always sick. Now it's Daughter's turn. She's just getting over a stomach bug and now has a terrible cold thanks to her students. I hope he feels better soon.

  2. Give Little Guy a hug from me. My world is covered in white this morning, so the blooms in your yard are very welcome.

  3. Poor thing, and poor you! Hope he feels better soon.

  4. Pretty blooms! I am definitely looking forward to May! So many flowers!

  5. Yup Im ready for MAY!!!! Sorry the little one is sick. They bounce back so quickly so you can look forward to that!

  6. Poor little guy. There seems to be SO much sickness this spring. More than usual. I hope he is better soon and you avoid getting it.

  7. Hope he's feeling lots better and that you didn't catch it! Where are you that you can grow aloe outside?


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