Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Teeny Needle Tuesday

 Tucked inside the box with quilt squares my daughter passed along to me 
was this baggie of hexagons for English paper piecing.
 I used stick glue to stick the paper to the precut fabric pieces
 and then ironed the fabric to the wrong side to give me the perfect shape.  
Then the tricky bit was sewing the shapes together.
But my awkward hands did it-slowly but surely, it was accomplished!
I am going to sew it to a background piece and make a potholder out of it!
And for a pleasing visual-cosmos in bloom in the pool area.


  1. That is really pretty. Clever!! The fabric is great and that will be a nice potholder.

  2. I tried EPP once, and when the small project was finished, so was I. It's too fiddly for me to enjoy.

  3. That's how Daddio and I got started. We made potholders, then Christmas ornaments and it was all downhill from there. I've still got boxes of his perfectly made little hexies. He sewed his and they are so crisp and perfect. I've yet to make one that would be up to his standards!

  4. The cosmos are beautiful.

    The hexi quilting is beautiful too. I have a question. Does the paper stay in there forever? Does that mean you can't wash the quilt/potholder? I'm confused. LOL

  5. Mom keeps talking about doing some paper piecing... it all looks too slow and complicated to me! But your hexies are cute!

  6. Cute hexies and cute little boy sweater! I do believe you can make anything on your knitting machine now.

  7. Oh, good! I counted a quilt binding as TTT, so your post makes me feel much better that it wasn't embroidery.


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