Monday, April 22, 2019

Solar Sock One Done!

 I bound off the first Solar sock--
I love the way the color shimmers in the gold and coral.
Nyki always sleeps on my project bags and makes annoyed sounds 
when I need to pull more yarn or get a tool! lol
And look at the guests on my Southern Milkweed plant!  
There are 5 monarch caterpillars feasting on this plant.
They are nice and fat and I will expect to see chrysalis soon!


  1. Sock looks great! Love the caterpillars!

  2. The sock looks so pretty. YAY for the caterpillars.

  3. Hungry caterpillars! I hope you'll be able to find the chrysalis.

  4. I just bought a skein in those colors. Love them together!

  5. I couldn't look at the sock ...... all I could see was the beautiful Nyki. I think I'm turning into the crazy cat lady.

    P.S. The sock is BEAUTIFUL too!

  6. That is gorgeous sock yarn.
    I hope we get to see the caterpillars turn into butterflies.

  7. Beautiful sock. Happy EARTH day! We need more milkweed and monarchs

  8. Woo hoo for the socks and those!!

  9. How sweet! A friend to help your yarn stay put!

  10. Nice sock! I think I have a Solar started somewhere..... Cats don't like to be disturbed do they? And they are always found on something you need! Hope you end up with butterflies!

  11. Gorgeous sock — and kitty. :) I hope the caterpillars cooperate and do their thing right where you can watch them! Very fun!


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