Sunday, April 28, 2019

Or Get Back on Track

 I pieced all of the sashing into their positions. 
 It was a good diversion from the naughty knitting.
I even loaded it onto the quilt frame
 and then stitched the first row.
 And then I got out the manual again for the Knit Radar and found my mistake.
Not to get too technical, but I had not switched the button from 1/4 scale (the poncho I made
last week) to the 1/2 scale drawing this top was drawn up as!  
No wonder it was 50" long and not 25"!
  And then as I went over every bit of my schematic and the gauge numbers
I saw that I had made another foolish mistake, I had the carriage tension set to a different number than the one I used for the swatch!  
Once that mistake was rectified, I ripped out everything
 and set to work making this top one more time!
It is working just fine now!  
Imagine that!
Look at this Hibiscus bloom!
It matches the sweater or the socks I am working on!
This is a large flower-10' across but alas, no scent.


  1. Yay for figuring it out. Can't wait to see both projects in the done stage!

  2. Your persistence is inspiring. I tend to avoid any project that involves a lot of math.

  3. That hibiscus is beautiful. The photo looks like a painting!!!

    Isn't it funny how when we do things the "right" way, they usually turn out. Most of MY mistakes are usually simple errors or reading the pattern wrong.

  4. It's amazing how a couple tiny mistakes can cause such a big difference.
    The hibiscus is a beautiful. My tulips are just starting to bloom so I'm doing a happy dance today.

  5. I have that same type of hibiscus and i find it so fascinating how the color changes with each bloom. Enjoy!

  6. Good for you!!! You're the boss of that machine for sure now.

  7. Thrilled that you were able to solve the challenge and begin again.

  8. What a beautiful quilt! I'm glad you found out what was happening with the sweater! Hurray! It wll be finished in no time.

  9. Those of you who quilt are amazing to me. What a lovely flower!!!!! We are just budding out here in Wisconsin. After our snows the past two weekends. Which quickly melted.

  10. So fun to see that quilt coming together! Glad you figured out why the knitting was being bad. The hibiscus looks like candy...


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