Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Dishcloth for Every Citizen!

Two more dishcloths and another pattern in the works!
I am still working on the vest but this is still more portable!
I have such a pile of these dishcloths,
I might cry out like Madame LeFarge and give one to everyone I know...


  1. Nice! They sure are great for portable knitting! (As are socks, too, of course...)

  2. Everyone will gladly accept, appreciate, and use the dishcloths.

  3. That would make EVERYONE very happy.

  4. Nothing better than handmade dishcloths!

  5. I keep a basket of dishcloths by the front door during December. Everyone who visits is free to take a dishcloth or two. That has been a VERY popular thing to do. Maybe that's an idea for you!

  6. i am sure there will be takers!

  7. That white one is so pretty. I never thought to make one in a solid but it really looks nice. I could use a pile of them in the to dig thru the stash. Lol..


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