Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Life Anew

 The last of the packing/moving has taken place.
 The last swim has transpired,
 a little of sewing has begun.
A new chapter begins as we close the book on the last two years 
and look forward to writing a sweeter, kinder life for all of us.


  1. That last picture is gorgeous. Enjoy the new chapter!!

  2. Big, big hugs coming your way and wishing you a very happy brand new start.

  3. I hope there will be many more swims with you!

  4. May this week be one of healing for both you and hubby and may your time with the boys be a lasting memory!!

  5. It must be a very bittersweet time for all of you. I bet all that uninterrupted time is going to feel weird for a while.

  6. I know that your heart hurts right now. I hear it in your typed words. My love goes out to you my friend. Huge hugs.

  7. You have done a wonderful thing for your son and grandsons. My parents were there for me when I became a single mom, and it made all the difference. My children are now 29 and 31 -- and they still appreciate their grandparents for being there for them. You have strengthened bonds that will last as the boys grow up.

    And thanks for telling me that comfy cotton doesn't stretch. This is a knit-changing event!

  8. You must feel so much relief! On to new chapters, you deserve them!


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