Friday, June 7, 2019

Now What?!

 Begonia Sweater
KnitPicks Stroll yarn-3.3 skeins
#6 needles 
Lessons--I find the yoke construction doesn't fit me as well as sweaters with set-in sleeves;
the yoke tops hang and grow so the neckline stretches when it is worn a while.
Cool construction-the raglan seams are WIDE-they are done with 13 sts between decreases 
which is very unusual.
The ribbing makes this sweater very squishy and has a nice fit.
I might rip parts out and make the yoke differently;
I will lose the raglan portion and make set in sleeves 
and the front and backs will be classic style with shoulder seams....
I have until winter to work the bugs out of my ideas!
In the meantime, I have started a blanket using the log cabin method!
Easy and a nice project to do in between projects--
I have nothing on the needles right now!


  1. At least with bottom up, you don't lose all your work redoing the yoke!

  2. I love knitting yoke sweaters, but they never fit me properly either:( what a change to the colour in the photos though from the last entry! I hope you can figure out the changes, because the sweater does look lovely!
    and hopefully the new treatment will work better as well - getting rid of constant pain is such a relief! how is your rib in the meantime?

  3. It's a beauty. I have no doubt that you'll be able to create the fit you desire.

  4. It's a wonderful sweater on you, but you're right, you know what fits you and the fun with making your own is you can make it how you want it. I love the bottom part.
    The log cabin looks like lots of fun too.

  5. Is the blanket done on the machine too?

    I think the sweater looks nice, but I think you'll wear it more if it fits well.

  6. It looks great but comfort is everything. I had a cotton sweater once that was so pretty but every time I had it on it felt like it was falling off my shoulders. It got ripped.

  7. Lovely!! I hear you on the yoke fit, it's not my favorite, but I love colorworked yoke patterns!!! I am sure you will have that sweater whipped into shape by winter.

  8. The sweater is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job.

  9. Oh yes You do! The Log cabin!!


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