Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Beach Therapy

 Bill had a doctor appointment this afternoon. 
 After a very encouraging visit, we headed straight to South Beach Grill
 and enjoyed a delicious meal and uninterrupted conversations.
The ocean breeze worked its magic; 
 blowing our concerns away 
while lightly teasing our napkins from our laps.
 We ended up having a divine appointment with men who were teaching the surgeon a new
treatment for wound care and were still there as we were called in for our check-up.
  It will replace the wound vac--the bane of Bill's existence!
They took one look at Bill's elbow and said they could treat it right now!
Did we want to hear more about it?!
We agreed after a crash course of what they were planning and we watched amazed 
as they walked the doctor through the procedure.
First , his wound was filled with 'ground pig bladder' 
which is a powder to spark cell repair in the wound.
Then it was covered with a material similar to artificial skin, 
a protective layer and then bandages.
We go back in 10 days to check the progress;  in the meantime, no wound vac, 
no changing dressings every two days
 and a whole less pain!!!!
 He has the same limitations as to activities-which are no lifting or bending of the arm 
no swimming, still!
 I have to admit, it is the first time we have had hope since this whole ordeal began 14 weeks ago.
 See what I mean-smiles and relaxing prevail!
 The beach has a new free Library-painted so pretty
 except for a bit of graffiti--someone feels so profound; 
 "The world changed by example not your opion  opinion."
Mildly profound but rent your own billboard!
The sunset over the inter-coastal waterway at low tide;  the oyster beds are clearly seen.


  1. That is such wonderful news! I hope this time is the charm. That little library is so cute. It's a wonder someone hasn't taken it home.

  2. So glad to hear the medical news - that's great!!

    Love the Little Free Library.

  3. That is great news. I hope it works! I bet it does!

  4. A great place to recharge! And some good news for Bill, at last!

  5. Fingers crossed, hands folded, prayers being said this works!!!

  6. Wonderful news! Praying that this new approach works like a charm.

  7. I am so happy for you and for him. That HOLE in his elbow area was awful. Hooray for a new plan!

  8. Oh I'm so happy for you both. I think it's because of all of the prayers that have been said. A Divine appointment indeed! I will continue to pray for him.

  9. That is great news about the treatment for Bill's elbow. This has been quite an ordeal, and it has gone on forever. I remember the 12 weeks of limits after I broke my leg -- and 12 weeks felt like forever. My fingers are crossed for you!

  10. Fantastic news! You were certainly at that appointment at the right time!


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