Friday, June 14, 2019

Stepping Spritely!

 Yes, my first pair of socks from the single bed machine!
That second sock was so much quicker than my first attempts!
I remove the live stitches from the machine onto the circular needle and graft the bottom of the toe to the sole stitches;  then I stitch up the side seam.   
I did this work in several waiting rooms and in the car today.
( An hour to do all of the machine work and just under an hour to graft and seam. 
 I am sure I will improve that time as I get more familiar with the process, too. )
Not surprisingly, I loved every minute of it!
 After the doctor appointments, we went out to eat again and then drove on the beach.
We saw this shrimping boat and watched it as it headed back after a day out fishing.
 It was a balmy 81F outside, no bright sunshine so it was utterly relaxing to drive along,
watching the sea birds, listening to the waves and unwinding inside and out.
 There were a lot of these areas taped off--turtle nest sites!
A few months from now, there will be volunteers guarding the newly hatched babies
 as they rush to the ocean.
 We headed back to the access road and then home.
A very wonderful evening to close out the day.


This is the wound at the doctor's today.
It still looks miserable until you realize that the pink skin around the wound 
is the area that used to be the size of the open wound--so we have seen it shrink by 50%.


  1. Oh dear on that last picture! The beach photos are lovely though. I am glad the wound is healing.

  2. Lovey ocean pictures. The wound looks still looks gross but is finally looking beautiful!

  3. How wonderful that Bill is finally starting to heal!
    If anyone deserves a relaxing day at the beach it's you two.

  4. I'm still awed by the sock process. Glad things are moving ahead positively!

  5. Bill's wound is looking soooo much better! I hope it's feeling better too.
    And the socks, of course, are fabulous!

  6. Great progress on the wound healing - that has got to be encouraging! The socks look fabulous. I'll admit, I would not like to stitch them together.

  7. Wow that is healing MUCH Better!! Phew.
    I love all things turtle. Yeah for protection.
    The ocean is such a powerful sight to me

  8. I was eating my lunch!!! LOL. Glad it is healing and yay for quick socks!

  9. That is such wonderful progress on Bill's wound healing. Almost amazing when you remember what it looked like before. That is SO wonderful. I'm going to keep praying for him too.
    Also wonderful to be so close to the ocean. I miss it.
    And finally...two hour socks!!!!! Now that would be wonderful.

  10. Good news on Bill's elbow. Sending good vibes for quick healing of the rest of the open wound.

    Your beach day looks lovely. Were you all the way down in Daytona?


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