Friday, June 21, 2019

Old Kitten?!

 I staged my usual picture to show the latest knitting project;
another Garterlac Dishcloth with a new skein of cotton yarn.
Nyki wanted to sit close to what I was doing.
Fine up to then but....
 after she heard the camera click,
 she made her move!
 In no time, she had the skein on one side of my dresser,
 then did several moves to emulate a baboon 
as I replaced the skein and dishcloth over and over.
And then sat placidly looking at me like nothing had happened!
Cats are amazing pets!


  1. Even when they are being a bit naughty, they are entertaining. Nyki sure is a pretty girl.

  2. They crack me up all the time!

  3. She is beautiful. I've bee gettig nuzzled all morning by Frannie. She's not been feeling well and has been extra cuddly.
    I tried the garterlac dishcloth yesterday and messed up somewhere. I should try again but I was so frustrated. Grrrrr.

  4. Silly kitty. Relic was "helping" me weed the gardens this morning. Of course, his idea of help was to lay directly on the spot I was trying to weed, roll over and show me his belly.

  5. So cute!!! They are so much fun!

  6. I think no cat is too old for a bit of silliness:) as long as no claws are involved I don't mind. but I don't fall for the "I show you my belly and you can tickle me" trick anymore... as soon as I touch the claws come out, ouch:)


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