Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Large and Small

 The Vest has gotten a bit cumbersome for carrying in my purse 
but I did work on it while riding in the car.
 Especially when I finished this pretty early on our outing yesterday!
The garter stitch entrelac is a great way to exercise the knitting grey cells!
And this was our view from our table for lunch at Crabby Joe's in Daytona Shores.
A lovely day as long as we had to be out and about!


  1. The dishcloth turned out lovely!!!

  2. My beach!!! Oh how I miss it. Only 34 days until I am back! The vest is coming along.

  3. That dishcloth is great! I think I've eaten at Crabby Joe's!!

  4. Your entrelac looks so neat and even! good work!

  5. Watching waves lap at the shore is relaxing, sighs this landlocked Wyoming resident. 😎 Your knitting projects look fabulous.

  6. That dishcloth is beautiful. I saved the pattern to my Ravelry library yesterday. The vest is coming right along too.
    I adore that view. I think my heart belongs at the beach, although I do love my mountains too. :-)

  7. The ocean looks so calm. Hope you got some knitting in by the waves.

  8. We used to take our boys to Crabby Joe's here in Clearwater. They were little and loved the sand playground. I loved the soft shell crab! Yum!

  9. Fun projects...and that water is just gorgeous!


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