Friday, June 28, 2019

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Dr Visits....

 What a week!  
The flowers are still beautiful even if no one walks around admiring them.
 I accomplished nothing in the line of crafting, really, but I made plans.
This layout is for a sun hat for a little girl at church.
 This will be for a pair of socks with a cable in the Kroy;  plain colored so the cables will show up!
The multi-colored is for a friend who has a birthday next week.  
It is wool-free;  I am anxious to see how the socks feel when I am finished!
And my quilt blocks have been calling.
Since it is me who has to go to the doctor today, 
I am hoping I will be a powerhouse of energy tomorrow to spend time in the studio!


  1. Lots of pretty colors in this post. hope you are all feeling better. Let me know how that no-wool yarn is...I have a friend who is allergic to wool!

  2. Hope everyone is feeling top notch soon.

  3. Oh, I remember in the early 90s when Blossom was on TV and big brimmed hats were all the rage. I convinced her to make me a couple and I don't think she's ever forgiven me for it. Mom loves to quilt, but sewing clothes... she did it, but I don't think she ever liked it.
    I hope you feeling better and able to accomplish all you want!

  4. One of the nice things about crafts is that they will patiently wait until you have the time and the energy to do them. I hope you and your family feel better soon.

  5. Hopefully you are all on the mend. Too bad we can't mend ourselves like our sewing and knitting. But then, considering how long we leave those tasks sometimes, maybe not.

  6. Those colors are so cheerful and I hope they are cheering you up!

  7. Sometimes planning is the best part of crafting.
    Hope you are all on the road to recovery soon.

  8. Ugh, hope you are all feeling better by now.

  9. Sorry you have all been sick. Between Fireman's rib injury and my laryngeal reflux we have been to doctors this week too. Get well soon. Love the hat plan. I finally fell in love with yarn and pattern today at my LYS with mrs Mcawber and her sister.


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